3 Easy Ways to Look a Decade Younger

illume - When the skin is stimulated to produce cells at a stable frequency, it will help maintain a smooth, healthy glow, and at the same time limit the growth of bacteria, viruses and fungi on the skin.


Oxygen is the most important element to humans and is also essential for the skin. Normally, our skin will replace dead cells every 4 weeks on average, and when removed, dead skin will maintain a smooth, healthy glow, and at the same time limit the growth of bacteria on the skin.


After 25, the skin begins to enter its natural aging cycle. The signs may not be too obvious, but by the threshold of 30, the phenomenon of dryness, dullness and dullness becomes worrying. Like the body, oxygen is needed to breathe, especially at night when the skin is resting and restoring. Oxygen fights bacteria, heals wounds, and protects skin from the sun, air pollution, aging effects …

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Clean skin properly

In addition to skin care, we should also focus on cleansing the skin, including 2 important steps: cleansing and exfoliating. Eliminate sebum, excess oil, and open pores to help absorb oxygen better.

Use products that increase the skin’s ability to absorb oxygen

Using cosmetics is a trusted practice. Products that directly supply oxygen to the skin, remove free radicals in the form of creams, serums, make everyday skin care simpler. Priority should be given to basic ingredients such as vitamins C, E, retinoids, niacinamide, green tea extract, resveratrol.

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Currently, users can consider using cosmetics derived from plant stem cells to aid the absorption of oxygen into the skin because it has the ability to increase oxygen up to 70% of the skin. When the skin is supplied with enough oxygen, the process of exchanging air through the skin is better, stimulating the creation of healthy proteins, thereby helping to increase collagen fiber production, contributing to the skin becoming firmer and healthy.

Maintain healthy eating habits

The food contains substances that provide oxygen, promoting blood circulation in the subcutaneous capillaries, making the skin softer and brighter. Some products you can choose from: radish, lettuce, and leek are good for your skin. So even on New Year’s Day, we should not neglect to add essential food to our skin.