5 best foods to get a good sleep and beautiful skin

illume - Drinking a glass of warm milk or eating a handful of almonds or walnuts before bed helps you sleep better and your skin looks better.


According to health experts, sleep helps restore brain functions, improves blood circulation, helps skin repair defects, regenerate and repair. When you lose sleep, not only will your mind become stagnant, your performance will be worse, your skin will also deteriorate, with many blemishes. A good night’s sleep not only helps to increase focus and spirit, but also naturally beautifies the skin and prevents many dangerous diseases. To improve the quality of sleep and, at the same time, enhance the beauty of the skin, you can add some foods later in the evening.

Warm milk

Warm milk soothes your senses, making you more sleepy.
Warm milk soothes your senses, making you more sleepy.

Warm milk works to help you fall asleep faster and deeper thanks to the amino acid tryptophan – a substance that relieves stress and calms the mind. Not to mention, warm milk also contains calcium, which helps reduce fatigue and stabilize nerve fibers in the brain. The warmth of the milk also calms the senses, making you more sleepy. Drink a cup of warm milk about 30-60 minutes before bed to improve sleep quality.


Almond has long been valued in traditional Indian medicine for its ability to improve wisdom and increase longevity. Almonds contain magnesium, which helps the body increase the secretion of the hormone melatonin, which in turn aids in the treatment of insomnia. Besides, almonds are also rich in protein that can regulate blood sugar levels while you sleep. Eating a handful of almonds before bed is the best way for the body to relax, relieve pain, cramps … to help sleep better.

Hạnh nhân và óc chó vừa tốt cho sức khoẻ, vừa giúp làm đẹp da.


According to a study done by the University of Texas (USA), 1g walnuts contains up to 2.5 – 4.5mg melatonin – a natural antioxidant that helps the body sleep at night. In everyone’s body produces melatonin, but as we age, this ability also deteriorates. So, eating walnuts every day is the best way to increase the amount of melatonin in the blood and help the body sleep better. If you eat regularly, you can also prevent some cardiovascular diseases, gallstones, osteoporosis …


As a familiar fruit of Vietnamese people, bananas are not only nutritious but also a “miracle” to treat insomnia. Thanks to the abundant magnesium and potassium content, bananas help relax muscles, making it easier to fall asleep. Not to mention that bananas also promote the production of serotonin to support better sleep. You can eat bananas directly or blended into smoothies or simply mix bananas with soy milk, you will have a great drink to improve the quality of sleep.


Kiwi giúp cải thiện chất lượng giấc ngủ hữu hiệu.

Thanks to the abundant serotonin, kiwi has been highly praised by the Asian Journal of Clinical Nutrition for improving sleep. For women in particular, kiwi also provides a large amount of vitamin C and carotenoids to help beautify the skin. You can combine it with salads or make smoothies … for maximum benefit. People with diabetes should avoid kiwi with sugar, it is best to eat with a small amount of salt.