5 Reasons Why Walking Is the Best Pregnancy Exercise


Pregnancy alters the female body in several ways, including weight increase and hormonal changes that impact energy, mood, and appetite. However, there is some good news: walking can be beneficial.

“Walking is a wonderful method to maintain good circulation and build stamina and strength as the baby grows and mama’s weight increases,” April Mellito, a certified midwife in Bozeman, Montana, says.

Even if a woman has been inactive in the past, it is now suggested that she begin an exercise regimen if her pregnancy is healthy. The trick is to begin cautiously and advance in accordance with her feelings. Walking is an excellent way to ensure that both mom and baby benefit from physical exercise. Naturally, each pregnant woman should see her physician to determine the amount of physical activity that is safe for her particular circumstances.

5 Reasons Why Walking Is the Best Pregnancy Exercise
5 Reasons Why Walking Is the Best Pregnancy Exercise

Training in Natural Resistance

Pregnancy weight increase is a natural aspect of the process. As a woman’s body weight increases, her muscles strengthen to support the additional weight. This allows her muscles to organically strengthen without the need for weights. However, the leg muscles become stronger in direct proportion to the amount of physical activity she engages in.

Joints on Wheels

Walking Is the Best Pregnancy Exercise because walking helps maintain a woman’s joints’ flexibility throughout their range of action. Everybody is aware that when joints and muscles are immobile, they become stiff. Walking helps avoid this issue and its related discomforts by keeping the hip joints flexible.

Mellito notes that flexible and powerful hips are especially beneficial when a woman gives birth.

Are You Concerned About Weight Gain?

Gaining 25–35 pounds during pregnancy is typical and healthy, but a woman might easily gain more than that. Getting out for a walk daily or every other day helps women maintain a healthy metabolism (efficiency of calorie burning) and maintain a healthy weight. While low-intensity walking does not boost metabolism, it does burn calories. A woman’s metabolism can be boosted by increasing the intensity of her walk by adding hills or distance. She can also pause and perform 20 squats every five to ten minutes to get a comparable effect, provided the added activity is tolerated well.

Develop a Peaceful Mind

When pregnant, there is a lot to consider, with feelings of anticipation, concern, excitement, and expectation reaching an all-time high. Exercise-induced endorphins can assist pregnant women in reducing stress and maintaining a pleasant mental state; walking outside has been found to be particularly useful in this regard.

Establish Beneficial Post-Pregnancy Habits

Developing a pattern of walking in place prior to the birth of the baby increases the likelihood that a woman will develop a postpartum exercise habit as well. Walking is an efficient and simple method to regain fitness following childbirth (Walking Is the Best Pregnancy Exercise)