6 Tips to Avoid Weight Gain During the Holidays

illume - Limiting fried foods and not stocking sweets indoors will help you preserve weight during the holidays.


Limit fried foods

Hạn chế các món ăn chiên, rán

If you want to have a holiday comfortably eating without gaining weight, you should stay away from fried, fatty foods. French fries, fried chicken, sausage, instant noodles … are the “culprits” that make your waistline increase after the holiday. Not to mention, these foods also contain a lot of cholesterol, increase blood fat, lead to obesity and cardiovascular disease.

Drink plenty of vegetable broth

During each meal, in addition to eating a lot of green vegetables, you should also drink plenty of vegetable broth. Vegetable broth provides enough water for the body to help you become full and limit overeating. Vitamins in vegetable broth are also very beneficial for health and skin.

Limit fresh water

Nên uống nước ép hoa quả tươi hoặc trà thảo mộc thay vì nước ngọt.

Soda contains a lot of sugar, which is not good for health and physique. You should drink vegetable juices or unsweetened teas for good digestion and weight preservation.

Don’t overeat

During meals, if there is a lot of leftovers left, you often feel sorry and try to eat until the food is finished. This is also the reason why your weight is increasing dizzy. You should quantify food for each meal, cook enough to eat to avoid wasting food and not cause yourself to overeat.

Eat enough meals

During the holidays, many people have a habit of sleeping well, leading to skipping breakfast. This easily causes you to eat more in the following meals, affecting your weight. Maintaining a normal eating routine throughout the holidays will help you get in shape.

Cut back on sweets

Không mua sẵn các loại bánh, trái

On the day off, you often buy a lot of food and candies to go home to invite family members and friends to eat. However, sweets are not healthy. Choose healthy snacks like nuts, whole grain cakes, replace soft drinks with herbal tea, and fresh fruit juices to preserve weight after the vacation.