7 Anti-Beauty Habits That Kill Your Looks the Most

illume - Bathing in too hot water or not cleaning the makeup brush regularly will cause dry skin, breakouts and wrinkles.


Do not clean the makeup brush

Not many women have the habit of cleaning makeup brushes. This makes cosmetic residue left behind on the bristles for a long time and dirt easily penetrates the skin, causing acne or worse, skin infections. You should practice the habit of cleaning makeup brushes weekly with shampoo, then dry and store in bags.

Wear a bra to sleep

According to health experts, women should not wear bras to bed because after a day of stress, breasts need time to “breathe” and grow in size. Wearing a bra to sleep easily makes women breathless, uncomfortable, and difficult to sleep well.

Wipe your face with a cotton towel

Towels are a breeding ground for many bacteria. If not washed and dried regularly, it can easily cause mold. So, you can use a facial tissue or cotton pad to absorb water on your skin after washing your face.

Paint the nails continuously

According to dermatologists, nail polish often contains many chemical ingredients, not only causing yellowing of the nail when exposed to too much but also harmful to health, especially increasing the risk of cancer. Nail polish should be limited and the use of good brands is safe to use.

Take a hot bath

Hot baths are a relaxing therapy for many women at the end of the day, but this is a bad habit for the skin. Hot water easily causes dry skin and appears dandruff on the scalp. Dermatologists recommend that the bath water temperature should be lower than body temperature.

Use deodorant after shaving

The ingredients in deodorants contain strong chemicals. Especially after shaving, the pores on the skin expand and easily absorb any essence. You should therefore apply a mild, fragrance-free moisturizer to avoid irritation.

Leave the razor in the bathroom

It is a taboo to leave razors in the bathroom. Wet environments easily dull the blade, and when used, it will cause skin irritation or ingrown hairs. It is recommended to dry the razor dry after use and store in a dry place.