8 Long-Lasting Perfumes That Will Keep You Smelling Great Throughout the Day—or Night


These exquisite smells‘ high oil content will win you plaudits for hours on end.

There’s nothing quite like discovering a fragrance you absolutely adore—and maybe nothing more depressing than discovering that its aroma fades after an hour or two.

This is more common with fragrances with a lower concentration of perfume oil—anything less than an Eau de Parfum is in danger of having a limited lifespan. The nomenclature of fragrances may be a little confusing, especially given how many years we spent gendering terms like “cologne” for men and “perfume” for women. However, an EDP generally contains between 10% and 20% perfume oil, whilst Eau de Toilettes (EDTs) contain between 5% and 10% and Eau de Colognes (EDCs) include between 3% and 5%. Eau Fraiches are even more affordable.

8 Long-Lasting Perfumes That Will Keep You Smelling Great Throughout the Day—or Night

Even within those categories, you may find EDPs that last for hours and cast a large radius, as well as those that are more subtle and fade fast. That is why many consumers bypass the EDP entirely in favor of the following rung: the parfums. They may be referred to as extraits de parfum, pure parfum, or perfume oil. These frequently exceed the EDP threshold of 20% by as much as 30% or 40%. As a result of the increased concentration of perfume oils, a little goes a long way—as in, it lasts a long time. Thus, despite their price tags appear twice as high, this is because the bottle will theoretically last twice as long, since you will not need to reapply the scent throughout the day.

Regrettably, the majority of manufacturers either do not make these high-end parfums or create them in restricted quantities. However, the businesses that do develop them have a sizable following for this reason: Their clients demand the highest possible quality. The following are a few of our favorite men’s and unisex scents in this top tier of concentrated fragrances.

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Royal Oud Creed

Creed’s terminology is a touch atypical—for better or worse. Its fragrances are generally classed as EDPs, however, they have a perfume concentration closer to that of lower-grade extraits (that is, they are a cut above EDPs, ranging between 18 and 25%). And, while its fan-favorite Aventus is an easy choice for this place, we had to give Royal Oud the honor. It is predominantly woody: oud, cedar, and sandalwood provide the royal framework, while musk, resin, pink berries, and lemon provide the heart and lightness. It’s a mature smell, one that conveys the wearer’s knowledge and perspective. It’s a substantial crown to wear in the best (and most durable) way imaginable.

Byredo Reine de Nuit Night Veils

Numerous male-targeted extra place a premium on prowess and strength, which is understandable given the wearer’s desire for strength and longevity. However, there is frequently a lack of lightness, which accentuates many women’s extraits. Enter Byredo’s Reine de Nuit’s Night Veils. While it evokes musk, amber, and incense, it also focuses on the invigorating midnight rose, imagining how that delicate smell emerges after dark. It may smell overly sweet in another formulation, but in Byredo’s hands, a rose is an olfactory weapon.

Deadofnight Strangelove

Speaking of seductive after-hours roses, Deadofnight expertly blends Damask rose with oud, balsam, amber, vanilla, and musk. This perfume firm epitomizes niche luxury, with renowned nose Christophe Laudamiel at the helm, iconic supermodel Helena Christensen on consult, and globetrotting specialist sources Elizabeth Gaynes at the helm. Wearing the scent is like spraying on something that Eros and Aphrodite made for you. Unfortunately, the Strangelove crew is (super)human.

Baccarat Rouge 540 Maison Francis Kurkdjian Paris

Maison Francis Kurkdjian Paris has done us a favor by presenting a selection of their greatest EDPs in a more luxurious, higher-grade extract recipe. Baccarat Rouge 540 in parfum form is featured on the front of the carton. It’s a comforting blanket of Egyptian jasmine, musk, ambergris, saffron, and Moroccan bitter almond that deserves to be considered as your new trademark scent—for day or night use, but it may seem a little too warm in the heat. However, keep in mind that you may recall the fragrance on a jacket collar months after it was applied. When your signature is one of strength and endurance, you can tolerate the heat of summer.

Gustav Krigler Lieber

Lieber Gustav is ideal for the hard-working man in a suit. It is imagined as a love letter from a lady to her soulmate Gustav in 1910s Berlin. With fresh lavender and black tea, it softens his edges slightly—but not so much that the leather and sandalwood notes are lost. And the smell works just as hard as its user, as anybody familiar with Krigler’s collection will attest. Take care not to sample too many of the brand’s legendary smells, or you’ll quickly find yourself amassing an extrait de parfum collection—they’re that wonderful, every time.

Enigma Roja Dove Pour Homme

If you’re looking for a fragrance that will pique the interest of people that come into contact with you, allow us to introduce you to Enigma Pour Homme. Its spicy and sensual notes—cognac, pepper, ginger, vanilla, and tobacco—envelop you in mystery. This one will keep you warm all day — or all night, as it is best worn — though it will also keep you warm in the cold. Roja’s reputation for ingredient sourcing is unrivaled in the fragrance industry, and it shines brightest in Enigma.

Interlude d’Amouage 53

The ’53’ in the scent’s name refers to the fragrance’s astounding 53 percent perfume concentration. It is Amouage’s extrait interpretation of their cult-favorite Interlude EDP. The notes in this one are seductive and dominant: leather, smoke, resin, amber, oud, patchouli, and frankincense… and it will not quickly vanish from anyone’s mind once they meet you, just as it will not quickly fade from your own skin.

Hacivat, Nishane

Hacivat is a daytime standout amid this night-crawling extrait throng due to its novel range of notes. Pineapple, grapefruit, bergamot, and moss provide sweet, crisp, and earthy green notes, while cedar and patchouli balance the woody cyphre-ness. We’d suggest it to any startup CEO looking to create a positive (though forceful) first impression. Nishane’s finest extrait establishes your approachability and tenacity—rather than attempting to weave a love spell, as so many other pure parfums do.