Armie Hammer dropped from yet another film amid cannibalism and rape scandal

illume - Actor 'Call Me By Your Name' Armie Hammer lost his contract to film 'Billion Dollar Spy' after a series of rape and violence accusations against former lovers.


In October 2020, Armie Hammer was cast as the lead actor with Mads Mikkelsen in Billion Dollar Spy – a film based on the famous book of the same name about intelligence operations during the US – Russia cold war. Armie is directed by Amma Asante as CIA agent Brad Reid to Moscow on a mission.

However, according to the latest information from The Hollywood Reporter, Armie Hammer has just been removed from this movie. The director decided to find another actor to replace the 34-year-old actor after he was involved in a scandal of noisy sexual assault for the past two months.

Armie was accused by two girlfriends, Courtney Vucekovich and model Paige Lorenze, that he was a prostitute, demanding to eat their ribs while dating last year. Both claimed to have been traumatized after the days of being caught up in the Hollywood actor’s dark sexual pleasure.

Armie Hammer dropped from yet another film amid cannibalism and rape scandal
Armie Hammer

On March 18, another lover accused Armie Hammer of rape her for four hours. “He attacked more and more. I thought he was going to kill me then,” a girl named Effie, sobbing, said during an online press conference. Effie also said that she endured violence many times during a four-year relationship. She dated Armie from 2016 to 2020 while the actor is living with his wife.

Paige Lorenze (left) bruised when dating Armie and Courtney Vucekovich (right) revealed the actor repeatedly demanded to cut her ribs and bake it up.

Armie Hammer denied these allegations and insisted that his girlfriends always agreed to have sex with him. However, the Los Angeles Police Department has investigated Armie Hammer’s charges of sexual assault.

This incident also seriously affected Armie Hammer’s career. In February, the actor was forced to abandon the film Shotgun Wedding starring Jennifer Lopez. Armie was later dropped from Paramount Plus’ second project The Offer – the 1972 classic film The Godfather.

In July 2020, Armie Hammer’s wife Elizabeth Chambers filed for divorce after 10 years of marriage and two children. Before her ex-husband’s shocking sex scandal earlier this year, Elizabeth said she was shocked. “For the past few weeks, I have been trying to handle everything that is going on. I am so shocked, heartbroken and devastated,” Elizabeth Chambers, 38, told Instagram on February 1.