The most beautiful princess of the Belgian royal family – Elisabeth released a family photo of “Now and Then”

illume - Recently, Princess Elisabeth has caused fever in the online community by sharing 2 Christmas photos at different times to show how her family has changed perfectly.


On December 18, the Belgian Sultan’s family and Princess Elisabeth released a new portrait of the members for Christmas 2020. Immediately royal fans rubbed off the flawless looks of the members of the Belgian King’s family.

Especially beautiful Princess Elisabeth and her two younger brothers Prince Gabriel and Prince Emmanuel. They are also commented to be more prominent than other Royal families, including the famous Princess Kate family. Recently, Princess Elisabeth continued to make public fever fever when sharing two pictures that day – now showing how family members are changing.

The most beautiful princess of the Belgian royal family - Elisabeth released a family photo of "Now and Then"
2 special photos posted by the Belgian princess

Accordingly, a picture taken on the occasion of the Belgian King’s family Christmas in 2015 was compared with the latest Christmas picture 2020. The old photo shows the princes and princesses both possesses lovely and cute features. And the latest photo proves they have “successful puberty” with an outstanding, attractive appearance.

The two princes are tall and handsome, while the two princesses are more and more radiant and attractive. Meanwhile, the Queen and the new King are the ones to surprise. Although 5 years have passed, the Belgian King and his wife seem to have “aged backwards” when they are even younger, beautiful and more stylish than 2015.

The online community gave full praise to the happy and warm family of the King of Belgium. Although quite tight-lipped in the media, every time he appears, the Belgian King’s family quickly becomes the focus of attention because of their outstanding appearance and demeanor. Rarely is the royal family whose members all possess such perfect beauty.

Many believe that in the near future, members of the Belgian Royal Family will surely shine and become the most charming princes and princesses in the world.