Brian Ho: The story of a man who graduated from the University of Economics and then joined the PMU.


Listening to the story of a young man’s career, Brian Ho, you will understand the proverb “Jobs choose people.” He came to the beauty industry as a college graduate with a business degree and then regarded it as his life’s purpose.

Brian Ho

Talking about Brian Ho, many people admire his talent and enthusiasm for his work in the beauty business in general, and notably in the PMU sector in particular.

Brian Ho was born and raised in Dong Nai, Vietnam, and his Vietnamese name is Duy Phuong. He graduated with honors with a Bachelor of International Business in Vietnam and proceeded his education with an A-class Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from the University of Cape Breton in Canada.

Since childhood, Brian Ho has possessed an extrovert personality, and he has always wanted to study and experience life in a different country. However, it required five attempts and seven failures to obtain a student visa to study in the Red Leaf Country — Canada.

At the threshold of adolescence, the lesson of the process of applying for a student visa taught Brian Ho to persevere and have the confidence to rise up from where he failed.

As Brian Ho made the decision to study overseas, his aunt, who owns a huge successful salon in the beauty industry in Washington – USA, oriented him to study more cosmetology in Vietnam so that when he moved abroad, he could work part-time and help pay for school.

As a freshly graduated university student, the path to studying abroad in foreign nations is still a bit perplexing, so Brian Ho listened when his aunt instructed him. He entered the beauty industry with a zero.

With the character of being a serious person in everything he does, Brian Ho’s efforts in studying have helped him acquire in-depth knowledge after being trained, despite the fact that he did not know anything about the beauty business at the beginning. From this point on, the young man fell in love with the beauty path as a pre-arranged of nature.

Brian Ho graduated from a tattoo spray training course in Vietnam. Brian Ho is one of the pupils that earned recognition from the instructors for his devotion to learning and ability to quickly grasp knowledge.

After the course, Brian Ho invested all of the meager funds he had at the time to purchase equipment, tools, and started to work in Vietnam for a while. Every time I beautified a customer, witnessing the customer’s pleasure as the face and spirit change made Brian Ho also pleased.

Customer satisfaction has boosted Brian Ho’s motivation to work harder, and he is gradually realizing his passion for the job he is doing.

Brian Ho had experience working in a variety of major and small beauty salons in Saigon before traveling overseas to study, and many customers still remember him to this day.

The day he left Vietnam for Canada, like many expatriates for the first time, Brian Ho encountered numerous difficulties and challenges. The young man was first scared because of the differences in language, culture, and lifestyle, but things eventually settled with time.

Besides studying, he was remained committed to beauty work after moving to Canada, and he gradually considered PMU as a career. From nothing, a Vietnamese guy who graduated with an economics degree runs two spas and a PMU training school on Canada’s east coast — something not everyone can achieve.

The more he strives, the more passion fills his heart. When Brian Ho is confident in the skills and services he provided to customers, he promotes training activities for two reasons: to help others who share his passion and to convey the message of beauty and daily self-improvement.

Always putting the customer first and devoting himself to his career, Brian Ho not only establishes his position in the country but also motivates many young people to boldly pursue their dreams.

Throughout his career, Brian Ho’s outstanding achievements drew the admiration of many people. In 2017, he was awarded the Certificate of Cosmetology Instructor by the Korean Cosmetology Training Association and the BCA International Association of Aesthetic and Fine Arts, and he was tasked with producing Vietnamese textbooks for two Korean Aesthetic Academy in Vietnam – K-Beauty and K-Gung.

In 2018, Brian Ho founded BrianBrows Beauty Spa & Academy in Canada. With the goal of establishing a vocational training center specialized in Spraying Embroidery Sculpture in Canada, he wanted to build orientation and knowledge in accordance with modern PMU standards, as well as a new career opportunity for Canadians. His objective is to develop a PMU Spa chain with high-quality workmanship and products.

In 2019, Brian Ho was honored to receive two Winners Contestants for the best brow spray technique and best lip spray technique at the Worldwide Beauty & PMU Conference 2019 in Vancouver, Canada.

In 2020, Brian Ho is one of the pioneers and successful people who brought Nano technology to PMU, and he created the exclusive technology and high-end ink lines such as NanoBrows, NanoLips, NanoEyeliner, and Nano-HairStrokes with three exclusive know-hows: Nano Ink, Nano Needle, and Nano Technology that carry the BrianBrows brand.

In 2021, Brian Ho was chosen as one of 50 World PMU Leaders representing the international PMU business to bring his techniques to demonstrate and train in Dubai.

Furthermore, he is also honored to be invited to serve on the Professional Advisory and Jury of numerous international PMU competitions, including the Worldwide Beauty Conference 2021 in Vancouver, Canada, the Mayan Gold Competition 2021 in Cancun, Mexico, the Kingdom BeautyCrown Championship 2021 in London, and the Ambassador for PMU Event 2021 in Bucharest, Romania.

In the near future, Brian Ho is expected to launch a second branch of BrianBrows Beauty Spa & Academy in Halifax, Canada. This is the next step in the young man’s plan to expand BrianBrows’ brand throughout Canada and into the US market.

Going through a long journey, there are moments when obstacles and pressure cannot be avoided, yet enthusiasm has inspired Brian Ho to walk. He is certain that with his constant efforts, he would be more successful in the future.

Source: TCTTT