CEO Lam Hoang My promotes Golden World Group activities in the last months of 2020

illume - With leading bravery and ceaseless efforts in business, CEO Lam Hoang My is constantly striving to promote the activities of Golden World Group in the last months of 2020.


It can be said that entering a new decade – the year 2020, the world will see many changes. The Covid 19 epidemic had a great impact on the world economy. Many entrepreneurs and businesses fell into a difficult situation.

In this difficult period, an enterprise can only develop when the leader has the courage and responsiveness to respond, and flexibly seek opportunities to bring his business in a new direction.

The spirit of optimism, always trying to seek opportunities in the challenge of CEO Lam Hoang My has brought positive results for the business activities of Golden World Group.

Typically, at the beginning of this year, the demand for masks and medical equipment exploded everywhere, CEO Lam Hoang My and members of the group quickly embraced this demand to become a pioneer in the supply of medical equipment and brought about great profits for the company. In the end of this year, she will continue to implement 3 strategies at the same time, including:

Golden World Group assists in promoting Golden Agarwood Jewelry brand name of director Tram Huong Nguyen, expanding the market of fine frankincense jewelry and preparations in the US to Asian countries after the pandemic.

Golden World Group will cooperate with businessman Tram Huong Nguyen to spread the values of frankincense and quality agarwood products, delicate designs, and fashion to consumers.

In addition, Golden World Group will embark on the project Health and Beauty “BMoi Kangen” , supplying electrolytic water machines and medical equipment of Japan. This project will expand the market, giving investment opportunities to investors in the field of health and beauty.

The third project of Golden World Group is to promote real estate projects, invest in building Vietnamese villages in South America – Mexico, and Punta Mida Hills resort. This is considered a potential project of CEO Lam Hoang My and his corporation. Investing in real estate in times of volatility requires calculation, but it is also a step to help investors make many financial breakthroughs.

Be proactive, make effort and have confidence in your abilities – This is the key to the strong development of the beautiful businesswoman and the Golden World Group business group. Lovers wait and believe that CEO Lam Hoang My will make a stronger breakthrough in the coming time.