Climatarian – Eat Green To Be Green


Climatarian – Eat Green To Be Green

We’ve all heard of “The Three R’s,” which make being eco–friendly seem so simple, but what if VALLEY told you there’s another efficient, but simple, way to give back to our beautiful home planet? The Climatarian is a person who eats in order to keep both himself and the planet happy and healthy.

What Does It Mean To Be A Climatarian?

A climatarian eats for two reasons: themselves and the environment. The primary aim of this diet is to reduce one’s carbon footprint, which is mostly determined by the foods eaten on a daily basis. Diet culture has taken on a bad connotation as a result of the pressure it places on an individual’s physical appearance. Most diets are hyper-focused on physical outcomes, but a climatarian differs from the others in this regard. This style of eating is more focused on the outer look than on the inside appearance.

What Are the Foods Involved In The Diet?

To properly comprehend this diet, you must first comprehend what a carbon footprint is. It is “the quantity of carbon dioxide and other carbon compounds released owing to the use of fossil fuels by a specific individual, organization, or other entity,” according to the Oxford definition. This is why a climatarian prefers to consume food that has been obtained locally rather than food that has traveled a great distance from the manufacturer to their plate.

To be clear, a climatarian does not have to be the healthiest eater in the world; rather, he or she must be environmentally conscious. Some meals that are often avoided in most diets, such as pizza, are healthier for the environment than some of the most well-regarded healthy foods, such as avocados. Red meat is also a frequently avoided food when trying to eat in a way that is beneficial to Mother Nature’s health, although being a climatarian is not the same as being a vegetarian. Vegetables are the healthier option, but when it comes to reducing carbon emissions, poultry isn’t as bad.

Your carbon footprint is uniquely yours.

The acts performed by one individual person, acting based on his or her own choice, are called individual actions. It is to fully embody this concept to be a climatarian. A diet is up to the individual, whereas a carbon footprint represents what an individual does on his or her own. Even if you’re not going to single-handedly halt climate change, becoming climatarian will enable you to make a positive contribution. Your health and the environment both benefit from eating green.