In responding to the increasing LGBTQ content demand of local and international audiences, the three well-known web dramas of Duoc Si Tien Entertainment, namely “Tien Bromance”, “Double Daddy, Double Happy, and “Sea Him”, have been set to premiere across Asia since the end of August 2021.

“Tien Bromance”, “Double Daddy, Double Happy”, and “Sea Him” are Vietnamese boys love series made by Pham Minh Huu Tien (aka Duoc Si Tien) and his co-star Pham Huynh Huu Tai, with the participation of many young and breakout stars from Vietnam, such as Le Loc, Karen Nguyen, Luong Anh Ngoc, Ngan Quynh, …

Since the first debut in early 2020, these three web dramas have gained a significant fanbase both in Vietnam and across the world with impressive achievements in the fields of Vietnamese web dramas as well as boys love series. The most remarkable and successful one is “Tien Bromance” with over 50 million views within 10 months after its first release, giving the green light to the other two series to meet the growing audience demand.

Starting from August 28th, 2021, “Tien Bromance” will be launched for the first time on various leading streaming platforms in Taiwan, including MOD, MyVideo, Friday, and Catchplay Plus. Moreover, all three series will be available on Netflix in select markets in Asia, which include Vietnam and Thailand, in September 2021. These three series are proudly distributed on numerous platforms in Japan by one of Japan’s top leading distributors at the beginning of 2022.

These series are for LGBTQ and young audiences in Asia, aiming to provide wide choices for them to watch on traditional platforms as well as on other paid streaming services in Asia.

Duoc si Tien, the producer of the three series, said: “In collaboration with our International Sales Agent Skyline Media, we are proud to introduce our boys love series widely to audiences across Asia. This is a great motivation and a significant milestone for us to try even harder in the future to provide the audiences with quality and entertaining LGBTQ contents.”

So far, these are ones of Vietnam’s very first LGBTQ series to be launched in such many countries commercially.

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