Damon Ho, a nail specialist, becomes the new Educator of Valentino Beauty Pure


Damon Ho, with his relentlessly effort and dedication to the nail industry, he will officially take on the role of Educator of Valentino Beauty Pure.

Nail specialist, Damon Ho

Briefly about Damon Ho, many people in the nail business expressed their utmost respect for him. From a successful person in the field of media and event organization in Vietnam, he immigrated to the US and experienced a huge blow in his career life.

The first two years in the US was extremely tough for Damon Ho to integrate into the new culture. Considering that he was at the peak of his career, he never thought of working in the field of Nail business. However, as he found out that his family was expecting a new member – their first daughter, he knew that he had to make every effort possible to support his family.

Luckily, he had a relative who can help him in this field when he first entered the Nail business. For him, the most challenging part was that he had to learn everything from scratch without being familiar with the nail clipper.

It was hard to deal with the reality at first, but when he got to know the Nail business, he began to see opportunities and then fell in love with it.

Damon Ho started to consider this career differently and brush off the prejudice in his mind that men should not be a nail specialist. He spent more time researching, obtaining a vocational certificate and discovering creative satisfactory at work.

After a few years of learning and working in many nail salons, Damon Ho finally opened up his first nail salon in 2017, marking the first milestone in his nail career.

Throughout his career in the Nail business, Damon Ho has also won prestigious awards in the Nail business such as: 1st Place VIP Briliant Cup International Championship Fantasy Image Horror, 2nd Place VIP Briliant Cup International Championship Decoration Nails Crystal, 3rd Place VIP Briliant Cup International Championship Briliant Nails, etc.

He used to be the guest of honor of many shows such as: HTV Nail Cup 5th – 2020, Canada Nail Championship Competition 202, Judge of Kingdom Beauty Crown Lash – Brow – Nail Conference & Championship 2021, World Competition Show Mayan Gold 2021, Platinum Sponsor of Canada Nail Championship Competition 2021, etc.

Despite a long-lasting journey with many obstacles and challenges, Damon understands that his ceaseless effort finally paid off. Not only wants to offer the best services to his customers, he also hopes that his nail salon can create a suitable working environment to provide job opportunities for fresh graduates and elderly Nail technicians who need to make a living in US.

Working in the Nail business, step by step, Damon Ho cannot help himself being proud of this field. But at the same time, his own concerns appear in his heart.

Nail business in foreign country is basically a job that helps several generations of Nail technicians make a living, but most Nail technicians seem to take it for granted.

Compare to other artists such as Hair Stylish, Makeup artist, etc. in beauty industry, although Nail Artist has high skill, technique and creativity in doing manicure, Nail technicians have not received enough respect the worth of value in beauty industry.

These worries have fueled Damon Ho’s determination to strengthen the position of the Nail business, bringing Nail artists up to line with other artists.

Damon Ho’s one-of-a-kind works

That is also why, in addition to developing his personal business operations, Damon Ho is eager to promote and join the organizations of the beauty industry.

Damon Ho, as Valentino Beauty Pure’ s agent in the Western US, will always endeavor to accompany, construct a civilized beauty society, build up and spread his enthusiasm to all the colleagues in this field.

Damon Ho is optimistic that with love and perseverance, he would be more successful in the future.

Source: TCTTT