Dolce & Gabbana to launch a series of projects in Venice in August


Following in the footsteps of Valentino and Saint Laurent, it is now the time for Dolce & Gabbana to go on a voyage to Venice, Italy. The typical couture offering of the Italian luxury brand will be the focus of a three-day event in the ancient city from August 28 to 30, organized by the brand. However, the company will also debut its very first line dedicated to the house, as well as an original Alta Moda digital collection created using non-traditional textiles (NFTs) during this event.

Dolce & Gabbana to launch a series of projects in Venice in August
Dolce & Gabbana to launch a series of projects in Venice in August

Dolce & Gabbana will unveil its most current couture collection toward the end of 2020 with the help of a fashion film that will be aired on the internet. The Milanese fashion business headed by designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana is now ready to embark on a world tour in order to give a tangible presentation of their latest collections to customers.

The firm first introduced its ‘Alta Moda’ line in 2012, followed by the introduction of its ‘Alta Sartoria’ line for men in 2014, as well as a fine jewelry collection. As a result, Dolce & Gabbana has been accustomed to unveiling its most renowned collections at a different famous site in Italy each season, with previous presentations held in Palermo, Portofino, Naples, and Florence, among other cities. For this year’s event, the company has chosen Venice as its destination of choice.

Dolce & Gabbana released a press release in which they stated that “some of the most iconic places in the City of the Doges will serve as a setting for unique designs, the fruits of the craftsmanship and creativity of Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, in a dialogue with the precious heritage represented by local manufacturers.” They did not specify where the festivities will take place. A presentation of this nature frequently necessitates the collaboration of local craftspeople, whose efforts are gratefully acknowledged by the design partnership.

During the forthcoming event, Dolce & Gabbana will unveil the ‘Dolce & Gabbana Casa’ concept, which will be the brand’s first range of homeware products. For this new product diversification, the group has big ambitions, and it has just established a dedicated section of the business to oversee it, under the leadership of Fedele Usai, the firm’s new head of communications and marketing.

So yet, no further information has been provided regarding the project. In contrast, some market sources quoted by the Italian press have stated that the collection will be comprised solely of design products and furniture manufactured wholly or mostly in Italy. According to sources, the firm will also establish a showroom in the center of Milan, in addition to about ten shops.

Finally, Dolce & Gabbana will debut its first digital couture collection in Venice, as well as participate in the new trend for non-traditional textiles (non-fungible tokens). These are one-of-a-kind digital assets that cannot be duplicated, and they are connected to the notion of a distributed digital ledger, or blockchain.

Collezione Genesi is the name of the capsule collection of digital couture models that is influenced by Venetian history as well as customs centered on the subject of “the dream dress.” A preview of the collection will feature some of the styles from the collection. It will be solely on UNXD, a new platform managed by the Polygon network that will open this summer and aspires to become the bar for digital luxury, that bidding will begin on September 1st for the collection itself.

During the 2019/2020 fiscal year, Dolce & Gabbana recorded sales of €1.1 billion ($1.29 billion). This indicates a decrease of 14.5 percent as compared to the previous financial year, resulting in a net loss of €106 million for the organization.