easyJet Announces the Launch of a New Standard Plus Fare Bundle


easyJet is introducing a new price package, Standard Plus, to make it easier for consumers to evaluate their alternatives during the initial stage of booking.

Standard Plus includes a premium seat (upfront seat), a big cabin bag, expedited boarding, and a dedicated easyJet bag drop-in-one ticket. Customers may still customize their bookings later on, for example, by picking their seats or adding a hold bag.

easyJet Announces the Launch of a New Standard Plus Fare Bundle
easyJet Announces the Launch of a New Standard Plus Fare Bundle

The new package will be available alongside easyJet’s existing Standard Fare and Flexi Fare options when consumers book flights.

Sophie Dekkers, easyJet’s Chief Commercial Officer, stated, “We are happy to introduce Standard Plus, which bundles together our most popular options, such as Speedy Boarding and an Up Front seat, so consumers can see the entire cost at the time of booking.”

“Through our three fare alternatives – Standard Fare, which offers the lowest rates without any extras; Standard Plus, which combines essential advantages; and Flexi Fare, which offers more flexibility, we can assist clients in rapidly selecting the goods that are most suited to their needs.”

A summary of easyJet’s fares:
– Standard

o Benefits – standard easyJet fares without additional charges. Includes a tiny under-seat cabin bag.

– Standard Plus

o Benefits: Priority boarding, dedicated easyJet plus bag drop, small under-seat cabin bag, and big overhead cabin bag.


o Benefits include a complimentary upfront or standard seat (or a discounted extra legroom seat), a 23kg hold bag, a cafe voucher, expedited boarding, a small under-seat cabin bag, and a big overhead cabin bag, a dedicated easyJet Plus bag drop, and fast track security.

Standard Plus will be offered only if there are available up-front seats and will be charged in line with easyJet’s existing up-front seat pricing structure, which is changeable and starts at £7.99.

easyJet’s Standard Fare is the cheapest option for clients who do not require the additional items contained in the Standard Plus and Flexi tickets. Passengers are entitled to a tiny under-seat cabin bag that allows them to carry all of the basics for their journey or just enough for a short stay, and it leaves them free to add other items such as hold luggage or reserved seats.

easyJet’s Flexi ticket is popular with business travelers and anybody who demands the complete range of outstanding easyJet full-service perks.