14 Tips on Staying Hydrated at Work

Why is it critical to maintain proper hydration while at work?

Hydration is critical for your health, but it is also critical for workplace performance. Dehydration has an adverse effect on your focus, response time, and mood, all of which have a significant influence on your job. Not only will feel sluggish, fatigued, and irritated due to dehydration delay your speed, but it will also prevent good team cooperation. Maintaining a healthy level of hydration at work can assist you in being focused, clear-headed, and maintaining a good attitude toward your team, and attaining your goals.

What are the symptoms of dehydration?

The following symptoms may indicate dehydration:

  • Feeling drowsy or exhausted
  • Thirsty or hungry?
  • Headaches
  • Mouth arid
  • Urine that is dark yellow or amber in color
  • Struggling to maintain concentration
  • Dizziness
  • Having a restless or irritated state of mind
14 Tips on Staying Hydrated at Work

Tips for staying hydrated at work include the following:

1) Steer clear of processed foods

In comparison to fresh food, fast food and other processed foods, such as microwave meals, include an excessive amount of salt, sugar, and fat. Consuming large amounts of salt, sugar, and oil accelerates the process of dehydration; thus, avoid fast food in favor of fresh meals.

2) Electrolytes

Electrolytes control the movement of water into and out of cells, as well as the conduction of nerve impulses. We lose these vital salts through perspiration, and they are necessary for proper hydration. Consider taking electrolyte pills to remain hydrated if you’re performing a lot of strenuous labor. Coconut water is an excellent natural electrolyte replacement for sports beverages.

3) Select the appropriate snacks

Choose a variety of fruits and vegetables that are strong in electrolytes or have a high water content to sustain you throughout the day. Electrolytes are abundant in bananas, raisins, avocados, spinach, sweet potato, coconut, beans, and lentils. Apples, pineapples, strawberries, blueberries, melon, cucumbers, and celery all contain a high amount of water and are excellent snacks for staying hydrated throughout the day.

4) Select the appropriate water

Avoid flavoring water that contains added sugars and flavors. Sugars and other additives dehydrate the body. If you truly despise the taste of plain water, consider flavoring it with a fruit infuser bottle, which allows you to add natural organic flavors of your choice to your beverage!

5) Consume water on a daily basis

A single glass of water in the morning or at lunch will not suffice to keep you hydrated. You should consume between two and three liters of water each day, so have a bottle or glass of water with you at all times and remind yourself to drink, particularly on hot days. Alternatively, you may like to consider one of our water coolers, which deliver fresh drinking water on demand.

6) Dress in light or baggy clothes.

Avoid wearing dense, dark, or form-fitting clothing that restricts your skin’s ability to breathe and causes you to perspire more. Rather than that, go for lighter, looser clothing that allows your body to calm down and prevents dehydration caused by excessive heat or perspiration.

7) For lunch, choose soups and stews.

Soups and stews contain significantly more water than “dry” meals. Along with keeping you hydrated, it’s simple to cook a large pot of your favorite soup or stew at the start of the week, and then your work lunches for the remainder of the week are prepared, saving you time! Have you no time for all this nonsense? Consider installing a hot beverage vending machine at your place of business, such as our Messina Elite Instant Vending Machine.

8) Abstain from alcohol

Everyone enjoys letting their hair down after work, but keep alcohol consumption to a minimum as it might result in dehydration. The effects of this are still noticeable the next day, leaving you exhausted and sluggish.

9) Remain cool

Turning on or increasing the air conditioning may make a significant difference in terms of staying hydrated at work. However, why is that? Air that is either fresh or chilly will assist your body in maintaining a healthy temperature and will save you from overheating. Additionally, it will decrease the amount of water lost through perspiration. Want to learn more about staying cool? This summer, read these 14 suggestions for keeping staff cool.

10) Do not wait till you are thirsty before drinking.

Thirst is actually an indication of dehydration. Continue to drink lots of fluids throughout the day and consume high-water-content fruits and vegetables to avoid feeling thirsty in the first place.

11) Rehydrate your body following a workout

If you’re going to the gym before work, weigh yourself before and immediately after your workout. Consume an additional 500 mL of water for every pound lost throughout the workout to replenish your bodily fluids.

12) Abstain from tobacco, e-cigarettes, and nicotine gum

Nicotine – along with a variety of other compounds present in cigarettes and e-cigarettes – dehydrates the user and impairs the body’s capacity to control its own hydration. Apart from several other health benefits, quitting these behaviors will also help you remain hydrated!

13) Drink plenty of ice-cold water

Consume cold water to help maintain a healthy core body temperature. If your office lacks a cold water fountain, why not suggest our Nebraska Elite Direct Chill Desktop to your employer?

14) Examine Your Urine

Urine is one of the simplest and most direct indications of your body’s level of hydration. If you are well hydrated, your urine should be somewhat clear, colorless, and odiferous, similar to water. The darker the color of your urine, the dehydrated you are. If the liquid is dark yellow or amber in color, it is time to refresh your water supply and drink some H2O!

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