25 Superfoods For Quick Weight Loss – Part 1

25 Superfoods For Quick Weight Loss – Part 1

What is a superfood? What defines and makes a food “super”?

Despina Hyde, a registered dietitian nutritionist from New York University’s Langone Medical Center, defines a superfood as a weight-loss food, packed with vitamins and minerals that can help us avoid disease and live longer. more, healthier.

Another article defines: “A popular word in the media that refers to foods that promote health, reduce the risk of disease, or improve some aspect of physical fitness. or spirit.”

It is easy to see right away that superfoods are essential for us to maintain good health. It is advisable to consume them weekly as regularly as possible. Within the scope of this article, I will present a comprehensive list of superfoods for you to include in your eating plan.

But before I continue, I want to clear up a misconception… superfoods are not miracles in and of themselves.

Superfoods are not effective if you still maintain an unscientific diet. For best results, add superfoods to a healthy diet and workout plan. Otherwise, you will just waste money!

Now let’s start the list of superfoods to lose weight fast with the easiest one: fruit.

1. Apples

Apples are rich in antioxidants and phytonutrients that have the ability to fight free radicals that are the source of cancer. Apples are also high in vitamins and fiber to help you feel less hungry.

In one study, non-smoking women aged 35-50 were randomly assigned to 1 of 3 extra diets: 3 extra apples a day, 3 pears a day, or 3 extra cookies. oats every day.

Of course, you will have inferred that fruit will be more of a weight loss food group than the oatcake group and the fruit is right! The fruit group lost an average of 0.5 kg more than the oat group.

Half a kilo may sound like a small thing, but when combined with the rest of this list, they add up to a storm!

2. Bananas

From fighting depression, reducing dizziness and nausea, to stabilizing blood sugar, the use of bananas is really good!

And when it comes to weight loss, I like to eat bananas for dessert or between meals. This both helps provide the necessary energy and reduces cravings for sweets, or simply the feeling of wanting to eat something.

3. Blueberries (Blue Berries)

The dark green color of blueberries is an indicator that they are rich in antioxidants. In fact, this fruit with the English name blueberry is the most powerful antioxidant and cancer-fighting fruit.

But thanks to the advantages of both water and fiber in it, blueberries are also great for Quick Weight Loss.

In a project from the Biology Laboratory in New Orleans, researchers investigated the effects of adding the blueberry powder to the diets of rats. The mice were selected on the basis that they were overweight.

After 90 days, the rats that consumed blueberry powder had less belly fat, lower cholesterol levels, lower neutral lipids, and improved glucose levels.

What makes blueberries so powerful at a fat loss?

Because it’s high in fiber, vitamins, antioxidants, low in calories, and 83% water.

4. Goji berries

For easy identification, this fruit is also known as the sentence of ji, the sentence of origination, the beginning of death, the earth core, the sentence of goji death, the sentence of real life.

Goji berries are often sold in traditional medicine stores after drying, often used to drink tea or sprinkle on salads.

Goji berries help control appetite and blood sugar. They are high in chromium, a mineral that helps regulate blood sugar and preserve lean muscle mass during weight loss.

5. Grapefruit

In a pilot study conducted by Dr. Ken Fujioka on 100 men and women for 2 weeks, those who ate half a grapefruit per meal lost 2 kg, while those who drank grapefruit juice three times a day lost 2 pounds. can lose 1.5 kg. However, many of the patients in this study were able to lose up to 10 kg.

You can eat sweet or sour grapefruit. You can also eat the whole fruit or use it as a juice. Should eat after eating about 30 minutes because grapefruit contains a lot of acid but reacts with alkali after digestion, so it is very beneficial for your digestion.

Grapefruit has no fat and enzymes in grapefruit can help reduce the absorption of starch and sugar in the body.

Grapefruit has the effect of reducing insulin levels, making the body less hungry because when insulin levels are high, it stimulates the area of ​​​​the brain that makes you feel hungry.

Grapefruit contains a magical ingredient of natural carbohydrates and a lot of vitamin C, fiber, combined with protein makes fat burn effectively and helps to lose weight quickly.

6. Pears

Pears help in amazing weight loss. Since a pear has an average of 5.5 grams of fiber, it helps keep your digestive system moving. Fiber helps the body absorb the nutrients and vitamins of the other superfoods on this list.

And if you’re constipated, it’s good to eat pears!

7. Pomegranate

Pomegranate’s English name comes from Latin and translates to “seedless apple”. Since apples are great for Quick Weight Loss, it’s not surprising that pomegranates are too. Pomegranate is low in calories and high in healthy fiber, making it an ideal side dish

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