5 amazing methods to improve body odor

All of us have different problems with our bodies, from breath to hair, we all have problems with our bodies. But we all agree that body odor is a problem that we all face. 

You got the look, you got the style, but you also got the smell? Doesn’t it stink? Most of us have to use spray products to cover our body odor without knowing why or where our body odor comes from. Join ILLUME eMAG to find out how and also ways to prevent unpleasant body odor.

Choose the right deodorant

Have you ever experienced the feeling of frustration when you finally pick your favorite smell of deodorant but it is not suitable for you? It is indeed frustrating when choosing a deodorant for your body. It is recommended that you should pick deodorant that can last until lunch. Your priority in choosing deodorant is not the smell, you should focus on your daily needs and biochemistry. It is such a hassle for us to try every single one of the deodorants to find the suitable one for you. You should focus on each deodorant ingredient and explain what you need to the shop’s employees so they can help you choose properly.

Smelly feet

It is not uncommon for us to have smelly feet. While some people have their feet smell awful by just sitting in one place, others only sweat on their feet while they are moving around. Smelly feet are one of the reasons that cause people to lose their own self-confidence. Fortunately, this problem can be solved with a small can of shoe spray. With a quick spray of shoe spray into your shoes, your long-time problem will disappear. You should maintain this habit of using shoe spray until the smell is no longer there. Make sure that you only spray your shoes,  shoe spray can cause irritation and peeling when applied to your skin

Your diet can decide your odor

Keep yourself in check at parties and feasts, if you let loose your appetite, you will smell like food the whole next day. Many people believe that food can only affect your breath but in reality, foods can also directly alter your body odor. For example, vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage can ruin your body’s smell due to the amount of sulfur they contain. When talking about foods that can a dream date into a disastrous one we must not forget about onions and garlic. It is crucial for us to choose what we eat carefully not only for our health but also for our body smell.

Stop using fabric softener

Fabric softeners often persist on your clothing for an extremely long period of time. These chemicals stop the airflow and evaporation process. In order for your body to contain odor-causing bacteria, it will need all the air it can get. Fabric softener causes your body to smell worse after a period of being active. Fabric softener can also hinder detergent from removing sweat, bacteria, and body smell. On some occasions, your skin might feel itchy under the influence of fabric softener.

Wash your clothes more often

Many people might be lazy when it comes to washing their clothes. In reality, washing clothes frequently can help you solve the body odor problem. If you are a sweaty type of person, it is recommended to wash your clothes after you wear them 1 time. You should focus on the armpit area of your shirts because the odor usually stays there. For safety measures, adding an extra layer of T-shirt can help protect your outer clothing from sweat and bacteria. By doing this, your body smell will be improved significantly

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