5 reasons why your bones is weakened

Our bodies require bones to operate correctly, a body without a healthy bone structure can hinder its movement capability.

Our bones are like the frame structure of a house. If we neglect our house maintenance activities, the consequences will be very severe. Our bones will suffer the same fate as houses that aren’t being taken care of carefully. Today, ILLUME eMag will suggest some factors that can cause your bones to deteriorate so that you can avoid those factors.

Spend too much time inactive

Our bones will be greatly affected by our laziness. The lack of movement of our body can cause our bones to deteriorate. To be more specific, our bones will suffer from osteoporosis if we don’t take exercises to strengthen its density. But not all types of exercises provide the same effect of bone density improvement, weight-bearing exercises are the most beneficial for your bone strength and help your body avoid osteoporosis.


Most of us know that smoking can cause serious damage to our lungs and heart disease, but not many of us know that our bones are also affected by smoking. Smoking can have some serious effects on our bones structure. New healthy bone tissues are prevented from being formed when you smoke. This situation only gets worse as time goes on. People who smoke on a daily basis can have a higher chance of bone breaking. Not only that their bones are easier to break, but the healing process of their bones also will be significantly longer. But not all hope is lost, stopping smoking can help you reduce the risk of bones breaking and improve bones’ health.

Excessive alcohol consumption

Your bone formation is heavily decreased when your body receives a harmful amount of alcohol. Alcohol can make your bones easier to break and the bones healing process is greatly increased. Your body maintains a balance of calcium, a crucial nutrient for bones, excessive alcohol consumption cause that balance to break. When this calcium balance is broken, your bones’ strength is greatly decreased. Furthermore, the production of vitamin D in your body will be interfered which can disrupt the calcium absorption process.

Excessive salt usage

Consuming too much salt and bone density decrease are closely related to each other. When your body receives more salt than its usual needs, your body will use calcium stored in your body to consume salt. When your body’s calcium storage is severely decreased, your bone density will certainly be negatively affected. Too much salt can reduce the strength of your bones and cause osteoporosis. Furthermore, too much salt also leads to high blood pressure which increases the risk of osteoporosis. Salt contains sodium, when your body consumes too much sodium, your body removes sodium via urination but this process cause calcium to be disposed of alongside sodium.

Spend too little time on outdoor activities.

Our bodies need Vitamin D because this crucial vitamin helps our bodies absorb calcium. Calcium is crucial to our bone health. By exposing our bodies to the sunlight, our bodies will receive a good amount of Vitamin D. Your body will suffer vitamin D deficiency when you avoid exposure to sunlight. Vitamin D deficient can decrease your calcium absorption speed and lead to calcium levels in your body being lowered. It is recommended to expose your body to the sun for 15 minutes and your body’s Vitamin D production will be more effective.

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