5 ways to improve your sleep quality

After a long day of hard work, a night of long deep sleep is what all of us desire. However, not all of us can afford the luxury of having a good sleep after returning from work.

As our society changes, old problems were solved and new problems emerge, having enough sleep is one of those problems. There are many reasons that lead to loss of sleep, from stress to eating diet, it is different for all of us. It may seem not significant at first but the loss of sleep over a long period of time will lead to some serious problems. Today, Illume will introduce to you some tips that will help remove your sleep problems permanently.

Avoid drinking caffeine products after the evening

We all know that caffeine and its products have a significant impact on our bodies, these effects vary from enhancing focus to energy and sports performance. Consuming caffeine late in the day can have opposite effects on your nervous system and interfere with your body’s relaxation process at night. According to one study, consuming caffeine 6 hours before going to bed can reduce your sleep quality drastically. If you still want to drink coffee in the evening or afternoon, decaffeinated coffee will be an ideal choice.

Practice short daytime naps and avoid long ones

Your sleep quality at night can be affected negatively by long daytime naps. According to one study, individuals who take long daytime naps are ended up being sleepier during the day. Try to control your daytime naps, one 30 minute daytime nap is enough to enhance your brain function during the daytime. Sleeping too long in the daytime can make your internal clock become confused and can lead to struggle sleeping at night.

Try to sleep and wake at the same time every day

Your body’s circadian rhythm functions align itself with sunrise and sunset. It would be a great help for your sleep quality if you try to sleep and wake at the same time on a daily basis. An Irregular sleep routine can change your circadian rhythm and melatonin levels which tell your brain when to sleep. If you are facing a serious sleeping problem, you can try sleeping at the same time every day and after a while, your body will no longer have a sleeping problem.

Avoid consuming alcohol

Many people think they can go to sleep easier after a few glasses of alcohol but in reality, a few glass of alcoholic drink can ruin your sleep and hormones. Sleep apnea, snoring, and sleep patterns disruption are caused by alcohol. Alcohol also changes your body’s nighttime melatonin production, your circadian rhythm is affected by this.

Take a shower before you sleep

Many people usually take a relaxing shower before their nighttime sleep. It is proven by studies that the sleep quality of people especially old adults to sleep easier. A hot relaxing shower 90 minutes before going to sleep is ideal for your body to have a more deep sleep. If you are not a fan of taking showers at night, you can also try putting your feet inside hot water to sleep easier.

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