8 Things You Should Know About What Eyebrow Threading Is

When I initially tried eyebrow threading, it was solely out of desperation. I was in the Glamour offices for a photoshoot (with my actual, extremely untidy brows, no less), and while I had previously waxed and tweezed my brows, my current approach was to do nothing. Nonetheless, my brows need polishing (read: the whole makeover), and so I submitted. It was either that or have a photo of me resembling a female version of Peter Gallagher, a.k.a. dad-hunk Sandy Cohen from The O.C. circulate on the internet (in case your memory needs some refreshing).

8 Things You Should Know About What Eyebrow Threading Is

I was frightened. Threading the brows has always struck me as the most heinous hair removal method available, but that’s a tough race to win when you factor in plucking individual hairs and dripping wax from the skin. For generations, this technique has been the predominant method of hair removal in Asia. It involves dragging twisted cotton thread over the hairs, which rudely pulls each follicle out of its pore. I recognize that this does not seem like a pleasurable pastime, and I am known for having a poor pain threshold. However, once I experienced it for myself — and saw the consequences in the mirror — I knew I would never return. Fun? Not quite. However, is it worthwhile? Absolutely.

It Isn’t That Bad

This is the primary reason why many people avoid threading, according to Sabah Feroz, brow specialist at BlinkBrowBar in New York City. It is not necessary: “Our customers frequently describe threading as a unique sensation that is neither painful nor unpleasant,” she explains. If you’re very anxious, you might request that the threading technician practice on the peach fuzz on the back of your hand. Once individuals have that experience, they are typically receptive to having their brows done, Feroz adds.

It Provides a Precise Finish for Your Brows

Threading the brows is, at its heart, a matter of accuracy. “Even the smallest hair may be yanked from its root,” Feroz explains. Due to the fact that it removes every single hair, no half-grown strayed hairs are left behind. Additionally, threading enables complete control over which hairs are removed and which are left alone. “With shaping, you can be really exact,” explains Marco Ochoa, celebrity brow threader and proprietor of Beverly Hills’ EcoBrow Studio. “You may thread a single hair or a line of hair at a time, creating well-defined brows.” (To add definition, combine it with microblading or microshading.)

Maintenance Is Significantly Easier

Unlike tweezing, which frequently misses shorter, partially developed follicles, threading may remove all of your undesirable hairs simultaneously, notes Umbreen Sheikh, owner of NYC’s Wink Brow Bar and the lady who handled my own brow shaping. As a result, they’ll all grow in at the same time, eliminating the need for tweezers or weekly visits for touch-ups. In general, “after two weeks of threading, individuals prefer to clean up at home with tweezers,” according to Ochoa. “I recommend that my customers return in four to five weeks to have their eyebrows reshaped.”

It’s a Simple Procedure

The majority of brow experts will be able to see you soon. I anticipated to be there for an eternity while they ripped and yanked out each brow hair, yet the entire procedure took no more than ten minutes. And what if your brows are already in quite an excellent condition? Expect it to be even faster.

It’s about the same price as waxing.

There is some good news for those considering transitioning from eyebrow waxing to eyebrow threading: They’re often comparable in price depending on where you go. For instance, a typical 10-minute shape at Wink Brow Bar costs $27, as does a simple eyebrow wax. Additionally, pricing will vary according to on location and salon expertise, but you should budget between $10 and $40—plus tip.

It Is the Most Genteel Method of Hair Removal…

Because just the hair is tugged — and the skin is not a bystander — there is very little likelihood of discomfort. “There is no tugging or stretching of the skin,” Feroz explains. Threading is also gentler on sensitive and acne-prone skin, so if waxing leaves your brows raw or red for an extended period of time, you may prefer eyebrow threading.

…However, This Is Not a Spa Day

While this is the mildest kind of hair removal available, it is still hair removal. Because the cotton thread is pressing on the skin, it may cause some redness and slight discomfort in those with extremely sensitive skin. If this describes you, simply use a cooling gel following the service. “Rosewater, aloe vera, or tea tree gel all assist to relax the region, soothe the skin, and immediately alleviate any redness,” Feroz explains. Certain threading establishments include it in the price of the procedure. If not, we recommend Mario Badescu Facial Spray, which is formulated with calming aloe, herbs, and rose water.

Keep It for Only Facial Hair

“Threading is the ideal temporary treatment for hair removal on any part of the face, including the brows,” Feroz explains. However, due to its accuracy, it is not a suitable option for any other area of your body—partly because it will take forever, and partly because spending an hour or more having your hairs plucked out is probably not something anyone wants to do. “Waxing or laser is far faster and, in my opinion, preferable for bigger areas,” she explains. Want to learn more about those possibilities? Everything you need to know is right here.

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