A breakdown of the massive legal fees Britney Spears must pay

In the filing to the court, Jaime Spears – the father of Britney Spears – listed the large amounts required by the singer to pay related to protection rights. Mr. Jamie offered to receive $ 288,000, including $ 16,000 per month for his co-custodial role with Britney’s assets and $ 2,000 per month in office rent from November 2019 to February 2021.

Jamie also demanded that his attorneys at Freeman, Freeman & Smiley LLP be $ 574,625 and Holland & Knight at $ 893,751.

A breakdown of the massive legal fees Britney Spears must pay
Britney Spears was asked to pay a fee of more than $ 2 million to her father and his lawyers.

The source said that if this request is approved by the court, the amount to be paid will be from Britney’s estate. That means Britney will basically pay her father’s attorneys to fight her in court.

Britney Spears has been under her father’s guardianship for more than 12 years after she went to psychiatric treatment in 2008. The Court has appointed Mr. Jamie Spears to be Britney’s guardian in both financial, career and private life. For more than a decade, Britney can not make any decisions about finance, career or marriage, childbirth without the consent of her father.

From 2019, Britney began to petition to revoke father’s guardianship but has not been approved by the court. To keep his rights under the pretext of trying to do “the best for Britney”, Mr. Jamie hired a team of lawyers to fight against his daughter’s wishes. However, Mr. Jamie did not pay his own attorneys’ fees and court fees but was asking Britney to pay this amount.

Fan protests in court demanding freedom for Britney.

In addition, Britney also has to pay $ 378,333 to her lawyer Samuel D. Ingham III and $ 238,272 to the law firm Loeb & Loeb – where Ingham has hired to assist him in the lawsuit. Ingham writes that he is trying to reduce fees for Britney.

Britney Spears currently owns a fortune of $ 60 million. She quit acting, stopped working from the beginning of 2019 because of disagreement with her father. While getting rid of protection rights is still difficult, Britney recommends that her health care provider, Mrs. Jodi Montgomery, replace her father as her guardian and an independent company to manage her finances. However, these requests have not yet been accepted by the court.

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