China closed a market after it reported one case of avian flu

According to the notice of the Market Service Center of Ninh Vien District, Hunan Province, Central South China, this local live poultry market had to be closed from 8:00 am on December 19 without reopening. All stores in and around markets should cease all trading and slaughtering of live poultry, and must perform daily cleaning, disinfection and inspection after it reported one case of avian flu.

China closed a market after it reported one case of avian flu
Artwork: Reuters

The cause of the market closure told by the staff of the Center for Disease Control in Ninh Vien district was that a few days ago there appeared a female patient infected with avian flu in the locality. However, this employee did not say how the above case got sick and what related to the closed market.

Hunan is the locality where avian flu frequently occurs in China. In the first February of the year, avian influenza H5N1 was also detected here at the exact time the Covid-19 epidemic was breaking out in Hubei, the province adjacent to Hunan.

These days, avian flu is also spreading in Japan, the neighboring country of China, as it continues to record more Covid-19 cases. It is known that up to now, bird flu has appeared in 12 prefectures of Japan.


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