Current Global Beauty Trends

Beauty trends change and fluctuate regularly, and they are seldom uniform throughout the globe. Therefore, in order to stay current with global beauty trends, below is a list of the most popular trends presently sweeping the globe:

Nails from South Africa

The traditional French manicure is a popular beauty trend in South Africa right now. It’s a style that has been making the rounds in Europe and the United States for years and has recently gained popularity in Africa as well. You may keep it basic and clean with the pinkish-nude foundation and white stripe, or you can dress it up with a contrasting color stripe or a row of rhinestones for added bling.


Braids Of The United States Of America

While tight braids are a cultural mainstay in some communities, girls across the United States have braided their hair in a variety of designs and sizes. Braid crowns, fishbone braids, half-braids, and a variety of other braided hairstyles are all the rage in the United States today, making this the most popular style. If you want to add volume to your braids, braid them looser and then take out the strands to make them larger and more voluminous.

Tattoos in Australia

Australia has long been associated with tattoo culture, as a large number of the neighboring Polynesian islands have tattooing embedded in their culture for hundreds of years. However, as the styles get more varied and the procedures become more refined, the popularity of obtaining a Japanese tattoo bodysuit has risen. It’s a style that needs dedication because you’re covering a large portion of your body and it doesn’t mix well with other styles, but when done well, it may be the most beautiful decoration you’ve ever seen.

Swedish Pop Culture

Swedes have a reputation for dyeing their hair frequently, owing to its natural blond and almost white strands’ ability to absorb the color. However, this style is stealing the show, with pink hair gaining popularity at an alarming rate. Whether you want to go all out with a bright pink that will be seen from a mile away or softer pastel pink for a more Tumblr-esque appearance, it’s certain to attract attention. If you don’t want to go all out and dye your hair completely pink, simply coloring the ends a pink tint can work and look beautiful.

Perms in South Korea

When you think of perms, you probably think of the tiny, thick-curl designs that were popular in the 1980s but are largely forgotten today. However, in South Korea, they are doing loose, soft perms that give your hair extremely natural beach waves, rather than the crazy tiny curls that look ridiculous unless you have them naturally. These loose curls are gaining popularity among younger generations, and they can be seen on heads everywhere.

Canada’s Highlights

When you live in a country as cold as Canada, you seldom have the opportunity to spend time at the beach and let your hair naturally develop sun-kissed highlights – which is precisely why this has become a beauty fad. Blond highlights have experienced a spike in popularity among Canadian hairstylists, illuminating women’s heads in a stunningly natural way.

Therefore, if you’re seeking some worldwide inspiration for your next significant change in appearance, this should provide plenty of motivation to begin searching for a new look. And who knows – you may be the guy who invents the next major trend in your own nation with your own style!

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