Eric Wheelwright – The talented director of the American film industry

Eric Wheelwright is a talented artist known as a director, film and television producer, screenwriter, actor, music producer, musician,… It has many times that he has been named at the prestigious Stellar Awards.

Eric Wheelwright and Quincy Jones

Eric is also the president of The Michigan Film Funding Group, which is a film investment and distribution company and CEO of Wrightway Enterprises (WE), a Multi – media company offering services to such clients as Global Hue (one of the largest advertisement run by minority of large corporation in the U.S.), Clear Channel, Honda, Verizon and Chrysler.

Berry Gordy and Eric Wheelwright

In 2004, Wheelwright partnered with well-known TV and Film producer, Robert Rangle, and invested in No Que No Entertainment. Their credits now include involvement in such projects as Timbaland’s – “Give it to me” Music Video, Justin Timberlake’s “FutureSex/LoveSound”, Vickie Winans “Release It”, Camp Timbaland, Academy Awards Pre & Post Show, American Music Awards, Golden Globe Arrivals Special (LIVE), Trigger Happy TV, The Osbournes (2 Seasons), Unexplained Mysteries, Shafted, An Evening at the Academy Awards (Live), Miss U.S.A., Donny & Marie and The Arsenio Hall Show.

Eric Wheelwright, Karla Gordy Bristol and Kid Rock

Eric said: “ Among all of the projects that I’ve done, the music video “Release It” with Vickie Winans is one that I am most proud of. When I read the comments that people posted about the video, I found that many lives were changed for good as a result of watching the video. One person even commented that the video prevented them from committing suicide. Until then, I had no idea that a movie or video could impact people’s lives so strongly. To be honest, I was humbled to find that my work had made such a positive difference for so many, especially since I wrote the treatment for the video as well as directed it”.

In more than two decades púrsuing hís career, Wheelwright has made more than 120 films, TV shows and music videos under his belt. Wheelwright has also stared in 10 theatrical plays and he has produced more than 200 songs and 5 albums.

Earnie George and Eric

Despite a movie director, Eric has always appreciated online films. He appreciated the development ability and diversity of film content in the context of the widespread Covid-19 pandemic.

Eric Wheelwright and Stevie Wonder

“I like both movies and online films, as each holds its own advantages. Watching movies at home is always enjoyable. Because I’m such a movie buff, my home entertainment center is equipped with an incredible surround sound system that makes you feel as though you are watching the movie at the theater, however, I can still enjoy the comforts and privacy that I can’t get at a movie theater.”

Eric Wheelwright and Ice Cube at youth event

Eric also evaluated: “Covid-19 has conditioned us to stay home and watch more movies than any other time in history, and since the streaming platforms are already in place to get the movies to viewers, I see watching new movies at home becoming the new norm”.

Along side is accolades in film, television and video production, Wheelwright is also a noted musician, songwriter and recording artist whose musical background includes the studying of the violin, piano, guitar and drums.

Eric Wheelwright on set1
Eric Wheelwright on set2
Eric Wheelwright on set3

In addition to Eric Wheelwright’s contribution to entertainment, he has also made significant contributions to communities world wide. In 2008, Wheelwright was sought out by the office of the governor of Michigan and asked to be an Ambassador for the State of Michigan. He was also appointed an advisor to the governor and tasked with helping to grow the Michigan Film Industry. Prior to the implementation of the tax incentive program that they created, the Michigan Film Office generated an average of $2million per year. After the implementation of the new tax incentive program, the Michigan Film Office generated $290million in a single year.

Eric also expressed a special interest in culture, especially Asian cuisine. “Asian culture is full of miracles and colorful beauty. I always want to have the opportunity to explore and bring the beautiful nuances of Asian culture into my cinematographic works, especially the culinary scene here”.

Eric Wheelwright

Talking about upcoming plans, director Eric Wheelwright said, he is in the process of making a work called “Isolation” inspired by the Covid-19 pandemic. The movie highlights the challenges that an Asian woman has to struggle herself during the time of Covid-19 lockdown. It also emphasizes racism that Asian America has to suffer after Covid-19.


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