Handmade Facial Ornaments Is The Next Big Trend In Jewelry

Handmade Facial Ornaments Is The Next Big Trend In Jewelry

The jewelry trend has been up and down over the past year. Multiple jewelry trends have not only given the chance to create a stylish statement. But some savvy pieces have also made more impactful statements about the concept of beauty in the society we live in. One of these trends began with jeweler Joanne T. Her creations are making quite a stir in the world of dramatic accessories.

Handmade Facial Ornaments trend began in 2016 with Joanne T.’s publication of “Not Your Average Beauty: Work in Progress.” As she kept releasing and working on her skill, her postings gained greater exposure each time. Jewelry’s technique of working with the natural curves of the wearer’s face is what makes her pieces one-of-a-kind.

Handmade Facial Ornaments - JoanneT (2)

@joanne t jewelry’s bio says that she designs jewelry using aesthetic instinct, utilizing only components that add to the readability and usefulness. In jewelry, she ignites discussion. This alludes to how she designs jewelry to be both stylish and useful.

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The board leads Instagram account @trend.board highlighted artist Joanne T’s account on May 8th. Her jewelry was recognized as “Handmade Facial Ornaments” when the trend board displayed her work.

Handmade Facial Ornaments - JoanneT

“Her collection of handmade facial ornaments are inspired by radical tribal jewelry that aims to combat the media’s idealization of beauty and the modern obsession with plastic surgery by allowing the wearers to customize their appearance at will, empowering them through enhancement rather than modification of their natural features,” said Trend Board.

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In general, it can be stated that the post by Trend Board became viral with 68,889 likes in total. Also, there were many comments supporting her distinctive designs. This is great.” Why do we not normalize facial jewelry that doesn’t pierce the skin? “We’d love to see them on someone who doesn’t have a conventionally ‘attractive’ nose.” Other users described the necklace as gorgeous, lovely, and delightful.

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