Katy Perry returns to American Idol panel after giving birth

Katy Perry appeared radiantly in American Idol season 19 (2021). She wears black and white motifs, cleverly covering her bust, still big after birth. Katy just welcomed her first daughter on August 26.

Katy Perry shined at the studio on October 7.

Pop stars reunite two judges Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan and MC Ryan Seacrest. The American Music Idol Program recorded the first audition in California. The judges sat 2 meters apart to avoid Covid-19.

The judges and MC stand spacing to ensure safety during the epidemic season.

Katy Perry has been invited to judge the competition since 2018. The vibrant, humorous style and enthusiasm of The Roar vocalist are loved by the contestants as well as the audience. This year Katy will not have to travel across the country to select candidates as before, but only to 3 states because of the epidemic.

Over the past month, Katy has spent all of her time at home looking after her newborn daughter. The female singer used to share pictures of sucking milk for her baby with a listless face, her body still plump. Katy revealed that having a baby understands a mother’s struggles and asserted that being a real mother is a full-time job that takes a lot of energy.

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