Kristen Stewart talks about her complicated love story

Kristen Stewart in Elle magazine October.

In an interview with Elle magazine, Kristen Stewart openly shared about her ex-loves and difficult journey for her to publicize her sexual orientation. Nearly 10 years ago, Kristen had her first same-sex lover after breaking up with actor Robert Pattinson and she was very confused when people asked about her gender.

“When I dated my first girl, people asked me if I was a lesbian?” Kristen recalls a time when she fell in love with her assistant Alicia Cargile. “God, I was 21 at the time. I may have hurt the people I love by not going public. But it’s not like I’m ashamed to say I’m les, but just because I don’t like to express myself. I’m sneaky like a thief.”

Kristen confessed that it was a time when she got stuck. After breaking up with Alicia in 2016, the Twilight actress dated singer Soko, model St Vincent, lingerie angel Stella Maxwell, stylist Sara Dinkin and is currently attached to screenwriter Dylan Meyer.

Kristen and her current girlfriend, Dylan Meyer.

However, Kristen asserted that before, when she loved the opposite sex, she was also reluctant to show her affection in public. “We did everything we could to avoid being photographed even if we did not act very much like us,” Kristen said. The actress used to date guys like Robert Pattinson, Michael Angarano, and Anton Yelchin and was discovered hugging and kissing the director who had a wife Rupert Sanders.

She used to date Robert Pattinson.

Years later, even though she was comfortably cuddling with her same-sex lover on the street, Kristen is still afraid to talk about her love story and her sexual orientation. She feels pressured to be labeled and represented a community of people. However, the years help Kristen become more mature and now she is completely comfortable confirming in Elle magazine that she is a full-time person (love any gender: gay, straight, bisexual, transgender. ..).

“If I went back then I would tell people, ‘Oh I am very happy. My parents are comfortable with my dating. Everything is fine’. But I guess there are many people too. like me, they went through a difficult and bizarre journey before they came out, “Kristen said.

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