Mariah Carey’s Brother Sues Her for Emotional Distress Inflicted by Memoir

The lawsuit filed with the Manhattan Supreme Court on March 3 wrote: “Many of the Morgan sections in the book are false and defamatory, personal and painful, and cause serious damage to his reputation and his personal and business problems.” 

Mariah Carey ’s Brother Sues Her for Emotional Distress Inflicted by Memoir
Mariah Carey and her brother Morgan Carey.

Mariah Carey’s brother, now living in Hawaii, confirmed that he lost a film project he was negotiating because of the singer’s memoir. Morgan Carey is a record producer and fitness coach and has a successful career. Morgan wrote that he was “more upset, disappointed about his sister’s betrayal and insincere than angry” for what she wrote.

Mariah Carey has told her brother, a violent, greedy brother in her memoir The Meaning of Mariah Carey released last September. Morgan reacts that Mariah has painted him as a violent son to him but in reality their father is the abuser. “The violence came entirely from one side, the plaintiff was subjected to the rage from his father,” explained Morgan in the petition.

Morgan also denied that he had smashed their mother against the wall and insisted they were always very close, different from what Mariah said in her memoirs.

In the book, Mariah reveals her brother had been sent to a children’s psychiatric unit. This share of her makes Morgan feel “betrayed and deeply hurt”. In addition, Morgan found it outraged when Mariah described him as someone trying to extort money from her sister. In one quote, talking about her brother lending her $ 5,000 to record a groundbreaking album, Mariah wrote: “I paid it back more than five thousand times. And I can still pay it forever.”

The older brother also accused Mariah Carey of defamation for calling him an intoxicated man who used to sell drugs several times when he was young.

Last month, Mariah’s sister Alison Carey, 59, also sued the singer for the same reason. In a petition filed in court on February 1, Alison Carey wrote that Mariah was a “heartless, cruel and hateful” brother when she wrote horrible things about her sister in her memoir The Meaning of Mariah Carey. Alison claims she cried out of tears and returned to abuse alcohol after the book was released last September.

Mariah's sister, Alison Carey.
Mariah’s sister, Alison Carey.

In her memoirs, Mariah recalls that as a child she was given drugs by her sister. “When I was 12 years old, my sister gave me sedatives, gave me a cocaine-filled nail, caused me to have third degree burns and tried to sell me to a pimp,” Mariah wrote.

Alison wrote in the application that Mariah had no evidence of any of those claims. Alison – a poor woman, once addicted to alcohol, infected with HIV – feels blamed for her inability to justify these things. She asked Mariah to pay no less than $ 1.25 million in compensation for the intentional act of causing extreme emotional pain to her.

Mariah Carey’s attorney and representative declined to comment on the lawsuit. In an interview with Vulture magazine last year, singer Without You said that she had been brutally treated by her siblings in the past. Mariah said she forgave them but will never resume the relationship.

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