The Nashville explosion was suspected of a suicide bombing

FBI spokesman Jason Pack said the agents were present at a house in Antioch, in southeastern Nashville to investigate the explosion on the morning of December 25. Clues to the car related to the explosion took them to their home in Antioch, Nashville, according to one law enforcement official.

The Nashville explosion was suspected of a suicide bombing
The scene of the explosion in Nashville. Photo: CNN

Mine specialists inspected the house to ensure the safety of the team for evidence. Mr. Pack did not confirm who lived in the house, but neighbor Steve Schmoldt told CNN that his wife saw the law enforcement’s vehicle the night before.

A picnic car parked at the house in the photos on Google Maps appears to match the exploding vehicle law enforcement is searching for.

The explosion occurred at 6:30 a.m. on December 25 after a pre-recorded voice from a car parked on the side of the road urged people to evacuate, warning that the car could explode in a few minutes.

The explosion injured at least 3 people, some cars caught fire and some buildings on the street block destroyed.

Law enforcement provided very little information at a Dec. 26 press conference on the investigation process, but FBI agent Douglas Korneski said that investigators were looking at the incident in many ways.

Some well-informed sources told CNN that the investigation is still ongoing and there is no indication that it was an intentional mass murder. Investigators were unable to find any more people in hiding.

“We cannot confirm any of the individuals or anyone we have targeted,” Korneski said, adding that there is currently no indication of a risk. other explosives and the scanner also did not detect any explosive devices in the area.

Investigators are also investigating the hypothesis of the AT&T transmission building, according to sources familiar with the explosion. This building was also damaged in the last explosion. When asked about this, Mr. Korneski said they were looking at every possible motive.


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