Our Research into Caring for Beautiful, Radiant Skin Found the Secret in a Tiny Bottle

A weekly face mask treatment is one of my favorite things. I’m open to anything light enough for my dry, sensitive skin, from hydrating creams to detoxifying clays, resurfacing gels, and reusable eye masks. After months of waiting for my wedding, I have started to wonder whether there is anything extra I could be doing at home in the last week before our wedding to complement my everyday routine. A facemask is an excellent technique to immediately infuse skin with hydration or skin-brightening active ingredients, but the benefits are frequently temporary, so they are better suited for treatment on the day of. But I’ll need much more than a fast fix to prepare me for the big day. 111Skin’s new Concentrates Collection can now make it happen.

Our Research into Caring for Beautiful, Radiant Skin Found the Secret in a Tiny Bottle
Our Research into Caring for Beautiful, Radiant Skin Found the Secret in a Tiny Bottle

Established by Dr. Yannis Alexandrides, the 111Skin founder and a board-certified plastic surgeon who runs the well-known 111 Harley St. clinic, the “clinical-strength” range comprises five concentrated ampoule kits (tiny glass vials filled with super-charged serums) designed to mimic the results of a clinic-based treatment over the course of a week at home. For a stressed-out, low-key skincare enthusiast such as myself, this was intriguing. And so, I conducted an experiment, just as any good beauty editor would do: testing the 111Skin Concentrates.

Regarding my skin

There is nothing complex about my regimen, yet the truth is that my skin is everything from easy. Who is the guilty party for my skin issues? My skin has been known to become dry, red, and irritated, or to be in good condition on any given day since it has been recently diagnosed with type-two rosacea. The key to making sure that it falls into this latter group is in my experience that it provides a lot of skin-reinforcing moisturizing elements and keeping my regimen as simple and mild as possible – that is why I am aversed to more harsh treatments in my office.

When it comes to my delicate skin, I am famously particular when checking out new products. My skin is quite sensitive, so I avoid anything abrasive or irritating to it, which is why I choose skin-hydrating and calming products, or products that are formulated to reinforce my skin’s fragile moisture barrier.

The 111Skin Formulas for Concentrates

There are five distinct treatments, each of which is tailored to a different skin issue:

  • The Y Theorem Concentrate is a formula meant to nourish and strengthen the epidermal barrier in those with impaired, irritated, or sensitive skin.
  • The Firmage: It aids in lifting, firming, and brightening prematurely aged skin, making it look smoother and younger.
  • The Hydration Concentrate: Its name implies that it’s designed to saturate the skin with water, while its mix of active substances and humectants helps to prevent transdermal water loss.
  • This intense brightening treatment is intended for people with dull, lackluster, or textured skin. It helps slough away dead skin cells and boosts the skin’s natural brightness.
  • Clarity Concentrate: This cleansing solution dissolves oils, helping to prevent pimples and clogged pores. It also decreases redness and irritation.

To achieve the best possible results, I opted to invest in the Y Theorem and Hydration Concentrates, both of which help moisturize my skin. The original Y Theorem Repair Serum, invented by Dr. Alexandrides to alleviate patients’ post-procedure skin irritation, gave the former its name. One of the reasons the Y Theorem Concentrates have been successful is that they contain the award-winning NAC Y2 formula, which helps protect skin from the outside world while improving its strength. Additionally, they feature glutathione, which is known as a master antioxidant and helps restore and brighten skin.

If you’re looking for something that will provide long-lasting hydration, try our Hydro-Rich complex, which contains natural humectants like sodium polyglutamate and hyaluronic acid.

How It’s Done

If you are not accustomed to ampoules, there is no need to fret. No matter how you look at it, these microscopic glass vials are as straightforward to use as your average serum.

Each box includes a plastic grip and seven daily-use ampoules, each packaged in a sealed glass vial to ensure optimum formula efficacy by preventing oxidation and deterioration. It is important to remove the ampoule’s protective cap and to hold it between your fingers while you administer the treatment serum. Then, snap the ampoule back against your palm using moderate to strong power. After breaking the ampoule, use your hands to pour the contents across your face, neck, and chest, using a gentle upward motion.

It is highly recommended that you use one ampoule every morning or night after cleansing your skin and finish off your routine with your regular skincare products. Use the whole ampoule with each application, and do this for seven days. You may wish to avoid mixing Clarity or Radiance formulations with any other retinol or acid-based treatments, since this may irritate your skin.

My views on the product

The process of applying

The brand instructed me to use Y Theorem Concentrate first, followed by a week of Hydration Concentrate. I put each ampoule on my face and neck at night (so there’s plenty to go around) and used my favorite moisturizer right after to ensure all of its skin-soothing effects were locked in.

I must admit, the first time I tried to open a vial, I was a bit anxious. I’m known to be a bit of a klutz, so I was concerned about cutting my finger open. However, I was relieved to see that each vial broke apart into neat pieces with minimum effort, allowing me to avoid the risk of getting any microscopic shards of glass. I am able to put the serums in my medicine cabinet because they come in a nice small magnetic box.


I have noticed that ampoules are typically a bit on the gooey side, like the serum, however, neither the Y Theorem nor the Hydration Concentrates was. However, the Y Theorem was still closer to the conventional sensation of an ampoule, with a texture that was a bit more water-like, making it very lightweight and simple to absorb. Conversely, the Hydration Concentrate was so thick that it was nearly creamy or milky. It’s a bit thicker in texture, but it still goes into my skin like butter and is really nourishing.

The Smell

Though I don’t generally worry about how scents smell, people with delicate noses may want to avoid the Y Theorem Concentrate because of its powerful aroma. Actually, it’s very pungent. It has a heavy, somewhat overwhelming scent which I would describe as being similar to burnt rubber, while my husband likened it to medical. It’s a big difference from the other rose-scented and fragrance-free items I have in my bathroom, which are lined up on the shelf.

Even so, the odor will gradually subside a bit after some time has passed. I further found that using my beloved Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum helped conceal its scent somewhat by offering a strong, yet still enjoyable, natural herbal aroma. Even though P50 Lotion has an unpleasant scent, if you’ve dealt with it in the past, you might want to consider avoiding it by sticking with other Concentrate formulations that don’t smell.

The findings

Even while I adore serums, I just have one complaint, which is that they rarely provide rapid effects. It takes several weeks or even months for me to notice a difference in my skin after using my favorite moisturizing and brightening serums. But I’m happy to say that the Concentrates’ supercharged approach does not fall into that category. After using my first Y Theorem Concentrate overnight, I was astounded to see that my skin was less red and gentler the next morning and even had a slight sheen (a rarity for my Sahara-like complexion). The standard tightness and formal skin texture I wake up to every morning was missing, which left my skin feeling pleasant and healthy for the whole day, even after washing.

Also, as I began adding in the Hydration Concentrates, my skin health greatly improved, since this serum, unlike any other masks or serums in my routine, gave my skin an abundant amount of hydration and nutrients. My face was significantly smoother, plumper, and calmer after just two weeks (in which time my nighttime regimen included simply of my cleanser and moisturizer and the Concentrates). Even more exciting? It felt like it had nourishment and was healthy, which is unusual for my problematic skin. If I wasn’t aware of the fact that I was in my bathroom, I would have thought I just got out of a celebrity-worthy facial, but I never had to leave the room.

The Closing Statement

The 111Skin Concentrates have a lot to offer. When it comes to time-saving, luxury facemasks and skin-enhancing serums are not mutually exclusive, as these clinical-grade ampoules integrate both of these qualities into one single treatment. While they may not be as powerful as a professional treatment done in the office, they are a great option for someone who needs to freshen up their skin in between facials or before a major occasion. For me, I’m excited to break open these ampoules as I will be getting ready for my wedding in the following days (to do it all, I need to multitask).

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