Taiwan: dozens dead after express service derails in tunnel

RT, citing local officials, said at least four people were killed and dozens injured in the accident when several carriages fell off the tracks and crashed into a wall of the tunnel. Many feared the number of casualties could continue to increase.

Taiwan: dozens dead after express service derails in tunnel
The train carrying 350 passengers derailed from the track in the tunnel (Photo: Facebook)

Reuter news agency citing a local fire department said the ship was carrying 350 passengers and crashed outside the town of Hualien on the morning of April 2. It is known that it is on its way to Taitung, a city near the east coast of Taiwan.

Photos and clips of the scene of the crash were posted online, showing the train deviating from the tracks as well as debris scattered around. Passengers were also seen gathering in the area after the incident.

Rescue work is underway. The fire department said about 80 to 100 passengers were rescued from the first four carriages, but many of the carriages were difficult to reach because they were disfigured after the accident.


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