The Poet Nguyen Du’s The Tale of Kieu Makes Its U.S. Silver Screen Debut as the Selected Vietnamese Spotlight Film at the 22nd Annual Newport Beach Film Festival.

Kiều, the 2021 female-driven film adaptation of the literary masterpiece, The Tale of Kiều by distinguished Vietnamese poet Nguyễn Du, was produced to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the author’s passing. Kiều will grace the silver screen for its U.S. premiere as the selected Vietnamese Spotlight film at this year’s Newport Beach Film Festival.

Huntington Beach, California (October 18, 2021) – The female-directed and female-led cast of Kiều will enjoy a splashy U.S. premiere at the 22nd Newport Beach Film Festival as the featured Vietnamese Spotlight film. The Newport Beach Film Festival is the West Coast’s fastest-growing film festival, offering films from 50 countries across multiple genres, and Kiều is only the second Vietnamese film in the festival’s 22-year history to be a selected Vietnamese Spotlight film as part of its International Spotlight series.

The Tale of Kiều is widely considered the most important Vietnamese literary work of all time and the poet Nguyễn Du has been recognized and honored by global organizations, such as UNESCO and the World Peace Council, for his literary and cultural contributions. The film Kiều was produced as an homage to the 200th anniversary of the poet’s passing.

Inspired by a selected excerpt from the epic 3,254-verse “luc bat” meter poem, the feature film Kiều takes the audience on a breathtakingly emotional journey of the eponymous heroine’s trials and tribulation after she agrees to wed a stranger to save her falsely imprisoned father and brother.

“As a female director, perhaps I have a lot more sympathy for female characters and through this film, I partly wanted to reflect the conditions of women under a feudal system. In this film, every role encapsulates different layers of meaning about fate and hidden psychological corners, of how the pain of one person is shredded and placed onto another,” shares director and producer Mai Thu Huyền.

Mr. Thien A. Pham of 3388 Films, the North America distributor of Kiều, says, “The Tale of Kiều by Nguyễn Du is a cultural masterpiece I grew up reading as a child in Vietnam and I’m extremely proud to be able to bring its latest film adaptation to the U.S. and share it with a wider global audience. The poem has been and continues to be a notable inspiration for many artistic endeavors, and the feature film Kiều is a gorgeous, modern psychological take that will enthrall audiences.”

Kiều will screen on Wednesday, Oct 27, 2021, at 8:00 pm at the LOT Fashion Island as Newport Beach Film Festival’s Vietnamese Spotlight Film. Director Mai Thu Huyền and lead actor Lê Anh Huy are scheduled to appear on the red carpet prior to the screening and will take part in the Q&A session immediately after the screening.

The film stars fresh-face newcomers Trình Mỹ Duyên and Lê Anh Huy in their feature film debuts, alongside beloved Vietnamese actresses Cao Thái Hà and Lê Khanh.

Kiều is directed by Mai Thu Huyền, produced by Tincom Media, with a US release by 3388 Films. The film is scheduled to be available for streaming on Amazon starting Friday, October 29, 2021.

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