The volunteer music night “Love from Far Away 2” in Japan was a huge success

The volunteer music night “Love from Far Away 2” in Japan was a great success. Besides the sublimation for music, enjoying the art space, each person’s heart is left with the emotion of the spirit of mutual love, the spirit of giving is everlasting.

Following the success of the Love from Far Away 1 show, which aimed to establish a fund to support the underprivileged, the Love from Far Away 2 music night intends to join hands and support the overseas Vietnamese living, studying, and working in Japan during the Covid 19 pandemic.

The revenue from the concert will be donated to the Green Notes charity fund, which will be used to carry out philanthropic activities.

With the thorough preparation of the organizers and participating artists, the event successfully drew the attention and support of a huge group of audience in Japan. The exceptional art performances have helped audiences satisfy their expectations.

Love People in the Far Country 2 is more than simply a charity music night; it is also a practical activity to introduce and promote Vietnamese culture to international friends. The melodies of Vietnamese music and the elegant ao dai on stage help overseas people overcome their longing for their homeland.

With that goal and tremendous meaning, the program has received the support and companion of sponsors such as: PC-Mobile Company, Yumitec Company, Vn House Company, Pho Ngon Restaurant, Quan Viet Aichi, Bep Viet Restaurant, Suki Mart, Vy Planning Company, Mai Vang Food, Studio Mua and others. Together there were the contribution of a significant number of artists and over 60 team members who have made great efforts in the past time.

Here are some of the most memorable moments of this last event:

Source: TCTTT

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