Entrepreneur Kevin Nguyen: “Vietnamese pioneer in the field of beauty”


Few people are aware that Kevin Nguyen – Illume 2020’s Shining Character – founded Beauty Image Group, one of the first prestigious and famous brands developed by Vietnamese, pioneering the growth of the beauty industry in the US. He is an amazing entrepreneur, inspiring many young people to establish their own enterprises not just in New York, the economic and commercial center of the United States.

New York, tough destination

In this field, Kevin Nguyen is a Vietnamese cosmetologist who set the path for the growth of the beauty industry in the United States. Kevin Nguyen, who has lived in the United States since the age of 11, went to school in New York. After graduating he got the opportunity to experience the beauty services of beauty salons in this busy, bustling, and extremely attractive city for tourists. Surprised by the effectiveness of beauty technology provided to him, Kevin decided to start a business in the field of beauty salons. He hopes that other Vietnamese would have the same experience and achieve the same results as he did.

To gain more experience, before officially establishing a business, he successfully run a hair salon at the beginning of the plan. Kevin Nguyen decided to start a beauty salon despite the fact that it is difficult, if not saying impossible, to obtain a business certificate and a license to work in the United States. After a long preparation, with the assistance of colleagues and well-known doctors, Kevin Nguyen’s dream of opening the first beauty salon in New York City was fulfilled.

But it was only the beginning of his challenges; because New York does not have a significant Vietnamese community, service development relies mainly on tourists.

This has diverged from the young owner’s original goal of providing the most advanced technology to the Vietnamese people. Until today, Kevin has asserted that it was the initial market and customer problems that taught him to accept and adjust the course of development, which were critical challenges that helped him achieve and maintain later success. Because of the decision to redirect the orientation, the original salon in New York was able to continue to develop sustainably, and the decision to extend the business in California has proven to be successful to this day. The process of founding, developing and operating increasingly famous and prestigious beauty salons has made Kevin Nguyen the first successful Vietnamese running beauty salon business in the United States. It takes a lot of effort to be a pioneer. But, for Kevin, no matter how successful the chain of brands in states with many Vietnamese people, such as Texas, Virginia, and Alanta, the first beauty salon in New York will always be his pride: “Because New York was not an easy destination during my youth with my dream of starting a business. Having a stand in New York for the past eight years is an incredible achievement.”

Service quality is the key to success

Customers are aware that Beauty Image is a corporation that specializes in face aesthetics, body shaping, and Spa treatment. Thread-lift technology, in particular, is only one of the special offerings. Beauty Image is also the only Vietnamese-founded corporation with exclusive rights to thread-lift technology in the US market. This is the most effective non-surgical cosmetic technology currently available for the skin. This key to success has enabled Beauty Image to become a brand that many celebrities trust.

“Having a respect for beauty, wanting to preserve youth and not let time ruin it, I have always aspired to spread values of beauty to the Vietnamese life and community in the United States. Following the success in business, the most significant reward I receive is a pleased customer’s happy smile since they have totally trusted Beauty Image to help them maintain their look”, Kevin expressed.

Kevin’s desire of success in a competitive nation like the United States has driven him to overcome all obstacles in order to achieve and maintain the top quality of the most advanced beauty services. Kevin Nguyen’s colleagues and associates in Korea and the United States all admire and respect these efforts, which is also why they collaborate on projects to expand the network of Beauty Image brands across the United States in the upcoming years.

But the secret to success is “Honesty”

America is vast, spanning Kevin’s brand chain from the East to the West coast, and going to a new location means immediately starting to work: “Sometimes we don’t even have time to eat, let alone rest and relax. But, having chosen this path, I must devote all of my energy, time, and money to learning and researching the most effective and safe beauty techniques and technology to guarantee that consumers receive the most value when they visit my beauty salon. Prioritizing “Honesty” for all services offered to customers is what I and my staffs focus on. This is also a key to our success.”

Kevin Nguyen shared the intention to improve the system as well as an aspiration to develop an entrepreneur’s business brand, continuing the desire of a Vietnamese who wants to provide the greatest beauty experiences to overseas Vietnamese. He also nourished a wish to open a vocational training school. Through this plan, he hopes to build a human resource and seek talents to help the business grow in the future, as well as provide additional job opportunities for many people. “Doing charity, giving money and gifts to those in need is what I still try to do whenever I have free time, but there will always times for doing charity; my mother at home only wishes me to be a successful man, create working conditions for more people, and offer more pleasure to customers. I couldn’t spend much time caring for my mother and family, but I will do my best to keep her happy and proud of me.”

With his relentless efforts and sincere desires, entrepreneur Kevin Nguyen will undoubtedly be more successful in the future. Illume and other aesthetic readers will be eagerly waiting for the success of new BeautyImage’s branches across the United States.

Quynh Nguyen