Gwen Stefani’s Body Secret

Do you like how superstars lose weight in a matter of months? We'll reveal a famous secret for getting that beautiful physique in a short amount of time.


Gwen Stefani’s Body Secret

Gwen Stefani Loses 10 Pounds in 10 Days!

Gwen Stefani looked gorgeous as she wandered the decks of Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich’s yacht Luna in Cannes on vacation – and we now disclose how the 41-year-old acquired her smoking hot body.

It’s all because of a secret raw food diet.

According to a close friend, Gwen began the raw diet and increased her workout regimen to seven days a week in preparation for her family vacation with husband Gavin Rossdale, 43, and boys Kingston, five, and Zuma, two.

‘Gwen wanted to look amazing on her vacation, so she embarked on a strict 10-day cleanse,’ recalls a pal.

‘She only ate raw foods, which she found difficult because she loves cookies and pizzas, but she was determined to enjoy the excellent French food on offer.

‘For breakfast, she ate the fruit; for lunch and supper, she ate raw meat or fish; and she ate a lot of raw vegetables.

‘Gwen was also performing a super-high intensity aerobic workout at the gym regularly.’

The singer’s diet allowed her to enjoy the meals served on Roman’s boat, where world-class chefs pander to guests’ every desire.

‘Gwen claims she’s been eating pain au chocolat for morning guilt-free,’ our insider adds.

Gwen Stefani believes her cleansing was worthwhile for her to be able to accomplish it.’