Here is how to light your hair


The finest natural hair lightning to try

1. Citrus juice

You probably have a lemon or two in your refrigerator right now. Well, start juicing since you will need a lot of lemon juice to lighten. Sun claims it’s definitely the greatest and most easy method to make your hair at home slightly lighter. You need just a little sunlight.

“Lemon juice may lighten your hair by sunlight,” says Sun. “Lemon juice opens your cuticle and color lifts.” In a spray bottle, combine lemon juice, water and a hair oil teaspoon (or olive oil). Mix it up really thoroughly and spray it all over your hair before spending the day outside. She says: “Brunettes are likely to light up two to three shades leaving the hue of a copper, a medium brown or even a dark blonde. Blondes will get these sunny highlights.

Here is how to light your hair
Here is how to light your hair

2. Sweetheart

Honey may also create a fantastic component to lighten your hair, but a little longer than lemon juice is needed. “It definitely has to be thoroughly blended with water,” adds Sun. This is particularly effective on light hair and blond hair naturally. “If you want to make sure that it is successful, add hydrogen peroxide as an activator,” Sun says. “While it is no longer natural, at this moment it may be all you have at home to explore with.” Saturate your hair for 45 minutes to an hour with this combination. To enhance the process, use a transparent processing cap, plastic bag, or shower cap that covers the hair.

When you add hydrogen peroxide to the honey, you want to ensure that your hair is thoroughly washed and conditioned. Don’t leave your hair with hydrogen peroxide too long! You don’t want hair harmed, you want blonder hair.

3. Apple vinegar cider

You know that apple cider vinegar is a wonderful detoxifier, but it may light up softly. However, it is very mild, so add honey, camomile or cinnamon to increase its efficiency. “Your cuticle may be smooth and alleviate build up, making your hair glossy,” said Sun. Basically you’re going to get bright, bright hair even when you don’t get the lighter hair you desire. It’s a win. It’s a win-win.

Mix cider vinegar with water at a ratio of 1:1. Apply liberally with a spray bottle on your hair. Cover your hair for 30 minutes, rinse well and apply conditioners once fully saturated. “Maybe it’s like orange hair,” adds Sun, but she cautions, “this is the greatest thing for someone with lighter hair.”

4. Kamil

Just like you use in tea to relax your body before night, camomiles may help to brighten up the strands when added to sweetness or when applied by themselves. Sun observes, however, that the highlights are less evident, but rather an allover light shift. “This would produce virtually a tone shift that might be seen in strong lighting or natural daylight,” she adds. “Therefore, it is also less harsh to make it softer than some other natural products.”

You only have to boil camomile as you’d tea. Let it cool and use a spray bottle. Saturate your hair from root to tip and cover not more than one hour for at least 30 minutes. Wash and shake your hair or apply a hair mask after it’s dry.

5. Salts Salt

You know how you spend a few days in the water and have the natural highlights of your hair? It’s because of sea salt. Well, domestic sea salt may work just as well, particularly at the ends of your beaches. “It may not be as severe the first day, but if you constantly use sea salt, you may notice an important change,” Sun said.

Recreate beach highlights by blending sea salt and hot water. Wait for the solution to cool down and spray on your hair. Rinse and wash it out when you’re ready. It is essential to use a conditioner, hair oil and even a hair mask after every treatment, since Sun cautions that salt may dry your hair.

6. Soda bakery

The baked soda you use to create banana bread may also serve as a natural hair lighting technique. Only one catch is there. To be successful, you need hydrogen peroxide for baking soda. Simply mix together both components to make a paste. Add the mixture to a glass or plastic dish and brush it over your hair. This enables you to generate a variety of hair colors.

“Due of its uniformity, it’s a little simpler to manage throughout the application process,” Sun says. “If you just wanted to deal with endings or films such as professional highlights, it might work.” Keep in mind that just your hair will get a shade or two lighter depending on the condition of your hair. Rinse, wash and condition hair in for 30 to 60 minutes.

7. Powder of henna

“Traditionally, the henna powder is used to darken hair or color deposit,” explains Sun. It usually does not lighten the hair like other DIY products. “It has no natural color lifting capacity on its own, but it can alter your hair tone,” says Sun. It may make black hair more red or orange, depending on the color of your original hair. But a word to the wise: if you have lighter hair, it will darken your hair – particularly if you are blonde.

Sun says that Henna is not very simple to utilize due of the way it oxidizes into the orange rod. Henna comes as a powder that is mixed and applied to strands. Just be cautious how much you apply and where you put your application. It’s harder to color correctly if you don’t like the outcome.

8. Cancer

Cinnamon does not just improve the flavor of your chai latte. When applied along with sweetness and water, it may lighten your hair. You may try it alone, but combine all the ingredients together for the brightest colour. “[Cinnamon] helps activate the traces of hydrogen peroxide which naturally occur in honey,” Sun adds. The results vary from hair to hair colour, and the most easy is virgin hair.

“Add lemon juice water and sweetheart to a runny consistency in order to make cinnamon effective,” adds Sun. Fill the mixture with a bowl and apply a brush to your hair. Saturate your strands and let them rest for an hour for 30 minutes. Shampoo, rinse and condition for superb outcomes.