How To Keep Hair Hydrated And Natural Look


In the summer, do you know how to keep hair hydrated and shiny all day long?

Keeping your hair moisturized is critical for the health of your scalp if you wish to combat hair issues. We’ll discuss how to maintain your hair moisturized in order to keep it soft and vibrant.


Summer conjures us images of rich, bronzed complexion, healthy and bright skin, and supple, healthy hair. However, the reality might be quite the contrary – and this can imply dry, frizzy, and pale hair, particularly for natural hair. If you want to prevent the latter, these hair sure Clinic expert-recommended summer hair care methods will keep your natural hair healthy and moisturized.

Recognize the moisture content of your hair

Consuming water alone will not hydrate your hair. How to maintain natural hair moisturization, you must supply sufficient water to the roots of your hair via natural protein, moisturizer, and moisture. Maintaining an adequate amount of moisture in your hair will keep it from becoming dry, frizzy, and lifeless. This does not have to be done only with a moisturizer.

Why is it necessary for hair to be moisturized?

Hair, whether thin or thick, coarse or straight, needs moisture. Dry hair can result in a variety of additional issues, including breakage, split ends, hair loss, and color loss. This occurs because the hair strands are lifeless and require external nourishment.

If the natural oils generated are insufficient to keep your hair moisturized, your scalp may become dry. Age, genetics, and other factors all contribute to a reduction in oil production, resulting in dry hair. To combat this, it is necessary to keep the hair moisturized.

Occasionally, the hair structure is such that the moisture in the strands evaporates rapidly, resulting in dry hair. Each strand of hair has a medulla — the deepest layer – in the center. The middle layer, referred to as the cortex, surrounds it and provides your hair with texture, curl, flexibility, and form. If the outside layer of the hair, the cuticle, is positioned loosely, moisture might escape. This results in dry, brittle hair that breaks easily.

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The healthier your hair is, the more moisturizing it is. Maintaining proper hair hydration prevents hair loss, adds luster to your hair, and results in thick, healthy, and healthy hair.

This is how to keep hair hydrated!

Select the appropriate product.

You can utilize products containing elements that assist in moisturizing and hydrating hair. Hair can be moisturized with avocado, coconut, olive, and almond oils; aloe vera, shea butter, and glycerin. Assure that your conditioner has some of these substances to aid in the regulation of your hair’s moisture level.

Shampoo that hydrates

The most effective approach to maintain hydrated hair is to use a moisturizing shampoo that washes without taking away natural oils. It would be beneficial if you left a moisturizer on your strands that absorbed the moisture from your conditioner and retained it in the serum.

Massage with essential oils

Argan oil: The oil includes components that help soften the strands and absorb the oil, leaving the hair moisturized and nourished. This incredible oil is high in antioxidants, which help prevent hair breakage. It is a component in several shampoos, serums, and conditioners. Please add a few drops of argan oil to your hair for additional shine and hydration.

Coconut oil contains lipids that help to soften the hair’s outer layer or cuticle. Once the cortex and medulla are relaxed, the oil may be absorbed into the hair, imparting shine and hydration. Additionally, it aids in the reduction of frizz in dry or curly hair.

Vitamin E and protein in almond oil repair and strengthen hair strands by bringing the cuticle cells closer together. It may even assist in preventing harm. Rub a few drops between your fingers and run through your hair, or combine with a conditioning hair mask.

Utilize a spritzer

You may create your own hair spritzer by combining aloe vera and rosewater. Daily spray on clean hair for optimal moisture. It may also be used directly to the scalp to encourage healthy hair development and protect hair strands from the sun.

Shampoo sparingly

If you wash your hair too frequently, it will almost certainly continue to dry out. Utilize a shampoo that is formulated particularly for dry hair. They may contain a moisturizer such as an aloe vera or apricot kernel oil, which will aid in naturally moisturizing and conditioning your hair. Avoid using clear shampoos, which are excellent for greasy hair. Creamy ones are developed specifically for dry hair.

Utilize sunscreen.

It might be beneficial if you used hairspray or serum that has UV protection. Additionally, if you go swimming and use a shower cap, you may add a small amount of vitamin E oil (natural sunscreen) to your hair or conditioner. If you’re going to be out in the sun for an extended period of time, wear a hat, beanie, or scarf.

Provide nutrients through a mask.

A deep conditioning treatment for your hair is a very efficient approach to maintain its moisture level. From eggs to honey, avocado, olive oil, and cottage cheese, you may discover moisturizing items in your kitchen. Combine these materials into a paste, apply, and wash off after 15-20 minutes.

Utilize a thorough conditioner on a regular basis.

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Summer is the ideal season to increase your hydration levels with a deep conditioning solution. Consider avocado, olive, and almond oils as moisturizers. Apart from that, substances such as shea butter, aloe vera, and glycerin are all considered moisturizers. At least once a week, including the formula of your choice into your regular routine.

Steer clear of heated styling tools.

In the summer, your hair is already subjected to tremendous heat. Therefore, why add more? Excessive heat can deplete your hair’s natural oils and cause it to become dry. Avoid using hairdryers, flat irons, and curling irons to preserve moisture. Rather than that, let your hair air dry naturally while using the anti-wrinkle cream, which regulates heat-free curls for a smooth, unfinished look. Who wants to turn on a hairdryer when the temperature outdoors is over 90 degrees? Create a heat barrier with a protective spray for those of you who cannot take the new drying process (we know you’re out there!). Add a diffuser to your existing hair dryer if it lacks one.

Gently brush

Brushing your hair can assist in distributing moisture to the strands if done properly. Gently untangle your hair with a big round brush. If your hair is dry and frizzy, apply a spray and comb it through with a wide-tooth comb to prevent breaking and damage. Bear in mind that damp hair is fragile. Avoid quickly washing your hair after bathing or swimming. For further shampooing advice, consult with specialists at Hairsure Clinic, who will explain which brush is best for each hair type.


Unlike your skin, no sunscreen can prevent UV damage to your hair. However, this does not imply you must avoid the sun entirely! Because warm weather is one of the season’s benefits. Prior to venturing outdoors:

  • Wrap your hair with a hat, scarf, or turban for an elegant look.
  • Wear a swim hat before surfing to protect your hair from UV and chlorine radiation.
  • After exiting the pool, go the additional mile and thoroughly wash your hair.

Consume water

Dehydration is detrimental to your health. Consume the appropriate quantity of water each day to stay hydrated from the inside out.

Whatever your hair type, you must have a technique to keep it moisturized throughout the hot summer months!

It is critical to maintaining cleanliness.

Dandruff and an itchy scalp are the most common reasons of hair loss. As a result, ensure that your hair is thoroughly cleansed for attractive and healthy hair.

Avoid using boiling water.

Avoid taking hot showers since they cause your hair to become dry and brittle by stripping away protecting oils. As a result, it is ideal to have a temperature slightly higher than body temperature.

Avoid regular hair washing.

Wash your hair every 2-3 days to ensure that natural hair oils are properly established. Reduce your hair washing frequency to reclaim your natural body and luster.

Protect yourself before diving into the pool.

Swimming pools contain harsh chemicals that can cause significant damage to your hair. Avoid damaging your hair in the pool by putting a tiny amount of conditioner to your hair before swimming. This vital beauty hair tip can shield your hair from pool water.

No to Tight hair 

To minimize brittle hair damage, avoid wearing ribbons or hair ties that are excessively tight.

Good nutrition

Consume lots of water and a balanced diet of fresh fruits and vegetables. The most effective hair care therapy is a good diet. You are what you consume, and what goes into your body reflects what comes out.