Huong Nguyen – A woman of fragrant scent


She was dubbed “Woman of Agarwood” since she was attracted to agarwood at an early age and fell in love with its unique scent. Whenever she feels weary due to stress, she rests her eyes and calms her mind in Agarwood’s scent to balance emotions, relieve stress, and regenerate energy to keep moving steadily in her journey.

That businesswoman is Huong Nguyen, the founder and CEO of the well-known Huong Nguyen Agarwood brand in the United States and other countries.

Accomplishment in U.S

Business is a challenging path, and success is even more challenging for a woman in a faraway nation like Huong Nguyen. Nonetheless, she succeeded, and she succeeded swiftly, owing to genuine love, passion, and enthusiasm.

Huong Nguyen dropped out of school early, yet she is incredibly creative and enthusiastic about business. Huong Nguyen was the owner of 6 My Huong-branded coffee shops in Saigon at the age of 21, when many people at her age had no idea of business. The business was doing well, but the young owner gave it up to pursue the call of love. Her sudden decision to move to the United States startled her family, but Huong Nguyen remained confident in her love and decision. And she was not mistaken.

Going to the United States, experiencing numerous challenges, linguistic and cultural hurdles, not being able to drive on her own, the pressure piled up on her. But fortunately, she married a man who is both loving and attentive. He was always nearby, a trustworthy and thoughtful partner. He was the one who encouraged her to go out, socialize, and pursue the career she truly desired.

In the early stages of settling into life in U.S, Huong Nguyen selected a make-up job because she was interested in beauty and found delight in making others more attractive and happier. It is her joy that drives her to explore, study, and always hone and improve her skills. Customers always appreciate her efforts, and artists from Vietnam who travel abroad, as well as overseas artists, are extremely satisfied when they chose her to do their makeup for a tour.

Huong Nguyen was successful in the field of makeup, but the fire of passion in business remained unquenched. She decided to return to that passion, and in the end she chose Agarwood.

Agarwood and the domain of memorable recollections

Talking with Illume, Huong Nguyen confided, she was born from a family with long-standing monolithic raw agarwood business, so she was exposed to agarwood from an early age and knew the true value of this extremely precious product. She has loved agarwood since she was a child, and now that she lives in a remote country halfway around the world from her hometown, she loves the unique fragrance of agarwood even more. This is also the motivation for her decision to pursue agarwood for business: “Hopefully, many people will recognize the value of agarwood, which is a medicinal herb that not only has a quintessential scent but also has significant benefits on the owner’s physique, mental health, and luck”, she confided.

So said, so done

Huong Nguyen has a strong personality that contrasts with her slender and gentle looks. When she had an idea and decided to make it a reality, she got right to work.

She began with a thorough research of the agarwood market in the United States, discovering that not only the Vietnamese, but also the Middle Eastern, American, and Chinese communities in the U.S are aware of the benefits of agarwood and desire to acquire it. This is also a tremendous motivating factor for Huong Nguyen to start establishing the Huong Nguyen Agarwood brand.

Huong Nguyen Agarwood brand’s inauguration and launching event 4 years ago was attended by 80 domestic and overseas artists. Since then, Huong Nguyen Agarwood has established itself as one of the leading suppliers of high-quality agarwood products in the United States.

Huong Nguyen Agarwood designs jewellery from sophisticated and high-quality agarwood

Although not trading in monolithic raw agarwood as a family tradition, but rather crafting exquisite jewellery products from agarwood, Huong Nguyen can benefit from valuable knowledge about agarwood in quality assessment as one of the generations of excellent successors to the family’s traditional business. She can accurately evaluate the quality of raw materials based on smell and wood texture. Huong Nguyen Agarwood’s raw materials must pass through an extremely strict quality control process. Her monolithic agarwood, in particular, was personally inspected by a family member with 30 years of expertise in the agarwood business. This is the key to ensuring customer trust.

With a creative orientation, we process and convert monolithic agarwood into beautiful and delicate jewellery that can improve health, safeguard peace, and provide economic prosperity for owners. In order to acquire sophisticated designs and catch up with accessory trends, Huong Nguyen spent a lot of time with the design team and also attended jewellery exhibits to capture the tastes. Huong Nguyen Agarwood’s products come in a variety of designs and can be encrusted with gold, silver, or diamonds based on the demands of the buyer. Currently, Huong Nguyen Agarwood has a manufacturing team and a processing workshop in Vietnam. In addition to jewellery, this business offers agarwood products such as incense and sauna products that offer good fortune to homeowners. Changing the misconception that agarwood is only worn by the elderly, Huong Nguyen Agarwood stated that anybody, from adults to children, men or women, may wear agarwood for health benefits.

Belief in sincerity

Huong Nguyen always considers herself lucky. “Meeting a nice husband, being able to do what I love, and having the support and encouragement of everyone, especially artists, are all predestined to who I am today”, she exclaimed with glee.

What Huong Nguyen is most proud of is that her brand has had 4 consecutive years of sponsoring the Miss / Ms Golden World contest, one of the international beauty competitions. More particularly, singer Nhu Quynh recently wore a Huong Nguyen Agarwood product and successfully auctioned it off for a big sum of money, collaborating with the Vietnamese Heart Foundation to successfully build a charity bridge in Vinh Long. “With each product sold, Huong Nguyen Agarwood decided to deduct certain amount of money from it in order to join hands to build a second charity bridge for people in Vietnam”, Ms. Huong Nguyen explained.

Allow quality to be the brand’s voice

When asked about the secret of success, Huong Nguyen shared: “In business, I always think that quality products are the premise for all success, even mixing in the current market there are many fake agarwood products, the market has a lot of competition, but I believe that customers who choose Nguyen Agarwood will never be disappointed. The road ahead is broad, so I have ambitions and greater goals of creating agents not just in the United States, but also in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Without good quality, you will never make it far in business.”

Talking about agarwood, Huong Nguyen can go all day long sharing stories about scents; she eats and sleeps with agarwood, and lets agarwood soothe her sorrows. Living with agarwood, she is living proof for a woman that if she devotes herself with passion, if she commits herself to what she loves and chooses, success and happiness will definitely follow.

Phat Nguyen