iPrincess: A high-quality option for Nail Artisan

With quality materials and products for the Nail industry, iPrincess of iPrincess & TT Nails Supplies firm offers creative sublimation, assisting nail artists to show their talents.


As one of the firms providing Nail items made in the United States, iPrincess is greatly welcomed by the Nail industry due to the high quality of all Nail art accessories.

The shared identity of Iprincess is the diversity, animation of color, enabling Nail artisan to create authentic and sophisticated masterpieces. The product line are used for both plastic and smooth Dip and Dap with high durability

Currently, iPrincess provides a collection of 76 colors for Dap & Dip that are preferred by many nail artists due to its non-staining, non-picky Liquid and fine powder, and ease of ombre.

The possession of these 76 colors will encourage artists’ imagination, resulting in unique nail art masterpieces.

iPrincess Collection 76 colors Dap & Dip 

The tones from light to dark, from soft pastel colors to distinct colors, enabling users to create artworks in a range of styles, topics, and messages.

Summer Collection, in particular, welcomes the summer of 2021 with brilliant, scorching hues from iPrincess that will make everyone fall in love at first sight.

Iprincess’s Eye-Catching Summer Collection

Furthermore, the firm provides exclusive lines of glow-in-the-dark accessories, such as Glow in the Dark Dap & Dip. With 15 impressive luminous colors, easy to manipulate and maintain long-term durability, customers are sure to be pleased with these unique nail works.

15 Colors of Glow in the Dark Dap & Dip

Dip’s binding tools are also available on iPrincess, making it quick and easy to create gorgeous glossy nail patterns.

The bonding set comprises Base dip for dipping powder, Fro Sealer for drying powder, and Top dip for dipping powder gloss.

Base dip (bottle #2), Fro Sealer (bottle #3), and top dip (bottle #4)

In addition, many nail artists are pleased with iPrincess’ set of three matte top gels, the initial bonding foundation before painting, and the top coat shine (non-translucent).

Set of three matte top gels, the initial bonding foundation before painting, and the top coat shine (non-translucent).

iPrincess also offers other manicure tools and manicure decorations such as gemstones, flowers, and bows… all of which are attractive and trendy.

The advantage of iPrincess accessories is not only their high quality, convenience of use, and durability, but also their capacity to keep the nail healthy.

iPrincess is manufactured in the United States and is sold in different international markets. In particular, the brand is currently available in Vietnam, where it is administered by Le Loc, CEO of H.O.T Nails.

The advent of iPrincess on the Vietnamese nail market promises to inspire nail artists while contributing to the creation of stunning nail masterpieces.

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