Marcela Tobar – Gifted makeup witch with endless passion in art


Marcela Tobar uses makeup as a means to express her own stories. For her, makeup is not only the way to beautify some thing but also real life.

With the stroke of a brush and the upmost attention to detail, she is able to create remarkable works of art seamlessly and flawlessly, and hence making customer feel beautiful and comfortable as of they were wearing a new eccentric clothes.

She strives to update and create many different and unique makeup as a way to convey her desire for creativity to life, she thinks that each customer has unique and distinctive beauty. Therefore, you can not see any coincidence in her makeup style applied for each customer.

She feels that makeup is about inspiring and empowering women and men to see the creative, elegant, fabulous, strong, and artistic side we all have deep within women. It is about using art to transform how we feel.

With a wide variety of collections in her portfolio, she can achieve makeup looks ranging from a natural “no makeup” look to a bold and glamorous look. She has a large collection of special effect makeup and including intricate skulls, and many other gruesome and haunting looks.

Marcela is a published and renowned makeup artist in the beauty, fashion, editorial and advertising, television and film fields and has worked with some of the best photographers in CNY. She is also a Brand Ambassador and Spokes Model for several prominent brands in the makeup industry.

As a native latina growing up in New York City, she brings her passion and professional experience to CNY and is the go-to and premiere Makeup artist in the area. She is a certified esthetician who can provide great insight into one’s beauty and skincare needs. Her work includes cosmetic skin treatments, facials, waxing, chemical peels, and body treatments among the wide range of services that she provides her clients with. For her, it is so much more than makeup, it is about being the best version of yourself.