Melanin Hair care Products Review – I Tried Melanin Hair Care’s Popular Twist-Elongating Cream


Whitney White, a.k.a. Naptural85, has had a devoted following on YouTube for years, thanks to her instructional videos on how to style natural hair as well as her material on her hair journey. White’s approach has been consistent since she began creating films more than ten years ago: attaining healthy natural hair using natural and handmade products is her top priority. She has revealed with audiences that numerous conventional products failed to work for her renownedly long and healthy hair, and that doing it yourself was the most effective method of hair development. With over one million members, it is clear that White has done more than a few things exceptionally well.

I Tried Melanin Hair Care’s Popular Twist-Elongating Cream—Here Are My Honest Thoughts

As soon as the news surfaced that White will be releasing her own natural hair care brand in 2018, we were ecstatic. However, her goods were only accessible for purchase through Melanin Hair Care’s website, which was only available until 2020. Melanin Hair Care products were released for the first time in November as a consequence of White’s cooperation with Ulta Beauty, and they were almost sold out within hours of hitting the stores.

The final Melanin Hair Care product available at my local Ulta Beauty shop was purchased by me only a few days after it was introduced to the public. I consider myself quite fortunate. It was the Melanin Hair Care Twist-Elongating Style Cream ($17) that I carried home with me, which was inspired by White’s own DIY formula and made with natural components that have a long shelf life. During a recent wash day, I got the opportunity to put the styling cream through its paces. Continue reading for my frank assessment of the game.

Concerning My Hair

After having my hair relaxed in the past, I’ve been wearing my hair natural for almost seven years. Because I have thick 4A hair, products that can be soaked up like a biscuit are very appealing to me. I use a variety of products ranging from low-cost brands like Cantu, Shea Moisture, and As I Am to higher-end ones such as DevaCurl and Mizani to get my desired look. Due to the density of my hair, I find it difficult to obtain definition with my twist-outs, and when I do, I frequently have to compromise moisture in order to maintain the definition.

When it comes to styling creams, I’m constantly on the lookout for the ideal combination of definition and hydration. In order for me to be successful, I need to combine them with a gel that does not leave behind the awful flakiness. A product that can be used to style my hair while it is wet and when it is dry is also on my list of priorities. The days when I need a quick wash and go as well as the days when I want to do a comprehensive blowout style with flexi rods are the days I want it.

When it comes to the twist-elongating style cream from Melanin Hair Care, one of the best things about it is that it is intended for frequent usage, which means I can use it for my first style and then again during the week if I need to renew my curls. According to the firm, the cream is lightweight and readily buildable, allowing consumers to have complete control over how much or how little product they require.

The Sense of Well-Being

This cream has a thick, rich texture, and there appears to be a substantial amount of product in each bottle, which is true. The smell isn’t horrible, but it’s also not really pleasant. When compared to the majority of natural hair products that use shea butter, it may be regarded as more unpleasant; nonetheless, the raw scent is indicative of the natural components contained inside.

However, the texture is smooth and creamy, as previously said. My kinky hair absorbed the product and soaked up the moisture in a really short period of time. However, it does not make the hair feel heavy or greasy, nor does it make the hair feel too dry.

How To Use

After washing and conditioning my hair with the Mizani Moisture Replenish shampoo and conditioner, and then using the Mizani 25 Miracle leave-in conditioner, I decided on a two-strand twist out for my hairstyle.

After that, I used the Kenra Smoothing Blowout Lotion and the Garnier Flat Iron Perfector to blow dry my hair to a smooth finish. I used the elongating cream in conjunction with a small amount of True Firm-Hold Defining Gel and a few drops of tea tree oil to lock in the moisture, and then I let it dry overnight beneath my silk hat. RED by Kiss Tourmaline 1875 Salon Hood Dryer for around 40 minutes the next morning was the first thing I did after waking up.

The Final Result

When it comes to my outcomes, the first thing I’ll mention is that this cream did not work well with the gel that I was using. Since then, I’ve experimented with using the cream for my twist-outs instead of the gel and found it to be far more effective.

I certainly experienced some flakiness with my gel, which I believe was caused by the excessive product saturation. I’ve used the gel well with different styling creams before, but it didn’t work well with this particular one. My results were satisfactory even without the use of the gel; I wasn’t blown away, but I was pleased. My definition was average for my texture, which was disappointing. In addition, my curls were really silky, and most importantly, there was no shrinking (hallelujah!).

Nevertheless, I felt that the final product lacked sufficient definition. Honestly, I think this product has the potential to revolutionize the way type 3 curls are styled. However, for type 4 curls like mine, we’ll most likely need to mix it with another product to get tighter curls. After coating my fingers with coconut oil and unwinding my twists, I instantly noticed how soft my curls were. However, although my hair was really moisturized and happy, my curls weren’t exactly popping the way I wanted them to. Having said that, this is only one product from a range, so perhaps next time I’ll test the cream in conjunction with the rest of the collection.

The Importance of

Comparatively speaking, this is a more expensive natural hair product than some of the more inexpensive options available on the market. However, the price of $16 for 16.0 ounces is a fantastic value considering the number of high-quality goods it contains.

Because it is now available in stores, there is no longer any need for buyers to pay for excessively expensive shipping.

It performs better than comparable high-end brands that can cost far more for significantly less stuff. Instead of paying $20 to $60, this product offers a twofold deal in terms of both quality and quantity for the same price.

The Verdict

However, depending on your curl type and the products you need or want to use in conjunction with it, you may not get an adequate definition with this cream. It’s obviously cost-effective to have so many butter and oils concentrated into a single styling cream, and it’s also unusual. In the end, it’s a fantastic product, but it may need to be used in conjunction with other products depending on your curl type’s unique requirements.