Menswear Footwear Fashions For SS22


Menswear Footwear Fashions captures the spirit of the season by integrating the most important thematic inspirations into innovative, hybrid designs that are both fashionable and functional. From lower weights and supportive soles to sumptuous, soft-grip uppers in premium fabrics that allow the wearer to transition seamlessly from indoor to outdoor environments, all of our handcrafted, robust outdoor or vintage revival designs are imbued with high levels of comfort.

Menswear footwear fashions for SS22
Menswear footwear fashions for SS22

Trendstop provides FashionUnited readers with an inside look at the most important men’s footwear trends that will be shown on the runways for the Spring Summer 2022 season.

Constructed Coziness

Easy, slipper-inspired uppers come in a variety of rustic textures and are woven by hand, fusing the demand of consumers for optimum comfort with the artisanal charm of handmade production processes. Rustic, natural materials and frayed edge finishes are enhanced via the use of a single color and contrasting performance sole units, resulting in a new level of luxurious comfort and performance.

The Soft Survival Boot is made of a soft material.

Survival styling provides a sense of stability and safety in an unpredictable environment. Rugged, durable ankle boots provide a secure footing while maintaining a softer appearance and feel that does not detract from the level of comfort provided. Atop hefty rubber bottoms with softly rounded profiles, unlined, napped suede uppers combine excellent durability with lightweight, comfortable softness to create the perfect combination.

Introducing the Retro Sport Redesign

A fresh interest in traditional shoe style from decades ago has been sparked by retro resurgence. Lightweight, slimline runner profiles, lip-up treads, and vintage color-blocked uppers in off-beat tonal color combinations are inspired by references to the 1970s through 1990s. Current technological features are delicately incorporated into the design, combining vintage beauty with modern durability, performance, and long-term viability.

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