Miss Trang Luong: “Art comes from passion”

illume - After Telephone disbanded, Miss Trang Luong moved to America to settle down and focus mainly on her business.


‘Telephone’ was established in 2008 with 3 members. Right from the time of its debut, Telephone has made a mark with the image of young and beautiful girls. After a period of effort, the group increasingly asserted their position in the Vietnamese music market and often performed at big stages such as Trong Dong, MTV, …Miss Trang Luong: "Art comes from passion"

In 2010, Trang Luong had to leave all artistic prospects to settle in the US. Telephone has since disbanded. However, the members always keep in touch and try to support each other in future work.

Miss Trang Luong: "Art comes from passion"
The members are close to each other throughout the art years

Trang Luong is not only more and more beautiful and radiant, but also successful in her career, B&T Insurance and Financial Services, which she leads at Westminster CA, has made great progress and strong growth over the years.Miss Trang Luong: "Art comes from passion"

In 2018, Trang Luong excelled in winning the Miss Vietnamese Woman In The World. From the moment of her coronation, her efforts and achievements have made fans love and trust this talented beauty’s ability to reach out. At the finale, the Telephone girls also contributed to and congratulated Trang Luong’s successes.

Miss Trang Luong: "Art comes from passion"

Currently, Trang Luong focuses mainly on businesses at B&T Insurance and Financial Services, Westminster CA. However, the passion for art has always rekindled in her. In particular, because of love for the meaning and purpose of the contest Miss/Mrs Golden World Beauty Pageant 2019, Miss Trang Luong accepted an invitation to accompany the program organizers and dedicated the program as well as the audience to the spectacular performances in the finale.

Miss Trang Luong: "Art comes from passion"

Sharing about the difficult decision to give up the performance career, Trang Luong said emotionally: “With my love for art and respect in front of the audience, I want to be the most perfect, the most beautiful and the most effortful self on stage”.

Hopefully Trang Luong will always be successful in business and one day soon, the audience will see great performances from Telephone again.