Photographer’s eye: A serene Saigon in the pandemic time

Under the eye of photographer Ly Vo Phu Hung, Saigon during the Covid-19 pandemic season is still stunning and dazzling, only different from typical days in a quiet and tranquil atmosphere.


Perhaps everyone affected by the Covid 19 pandemic will find it difficult to forget the days of social distancing. From the countryside to the city, the hustle and bustle of everyday life becomes a luxury.

The same goes for the people of Saigon, when the pandemic emerged, the entire city joined hands to fight the virus. One of the most practical things to do is to follow the government’s epidemiological and social distancing standards.

People in Saigon limit going out to control the spread of the virus, restaurants comply with distancing regulations, and services on the list of restricted activities comply with regulations.

Streets that were once packed with people are now dotted with only a few scooters, and there are streets without people, only lonely light. Yet no one can deny the shimmering beauty of Saigon.

Although not as crowded as usual, Saigon remains elegant and spectacular, like a promenade. Perhaps the people of Saigon are also waiting around the clock for the pandemic to be over, so that they may return to the bustling and busy atmosphere that is typical of Saigon.

Photographer Ly Vo Phu Hung has captured these wonderful moments out of love for Saigon. His series of photos also conveys the message of fighting the pandemic together and the belief that Vietnam will win this fight.

Here are some of photographer Ly Vo Phu Hung’s one-of-a-kind shoots:

Photo: Ly Vo Phu Hung