PMU international master Trang Nguyen: Beauty is a noble profession

illume - "Beauty is a noble profession. Artisans beautify people, beautify life and get back the values they deserve for their own work and creativity" - Pmu international master Trang Nguyen shares her point of view on the path to follow. She is a special woman as always devoting herself to spreading the value of the beauty field.


PMU international master Trang Nguyen came to the beauty industry as a destiny. Initially, she went to Germany to study Business and Management. At the age of 22, she married, gave birth, but quickly divorced due to lack of harmony.
Becoming a single mother in another country is extremely difficult, even more challenging for a young girl like Trang Nguyen.

Pmu international master Trang Nguyen: Beauty is a noble profession
Entrepreneur – Beauty expert Trang Nguyen is responsible for the role of Deputy Organizing Committee of Worldwide Beauty Competition 2020

During that time, it was not easy to find a job by the industry she studied, Trang Nguyen decided to choose nails to be able to work quickly. She herself then had to accept to go to the classroom several hundred kilometers away.
Do broken in her marriage, but Trang Nguyen was very resilient, at that time making money was her main goal, to take care of her children and not allow anyone to look down on her.

Pursuing a nail job for a while, although her income is quite good, she does not accept that she is only doing this job forever. That is why Trang Nguyen decided to complete the course Ausbildung Als Kosmetikerin.

Determining that the beauty industry has never been hot, the beauty field is also extremely diverse, so Trang Nguyen not only learns nail but also improves herself with many different skills.
She started studying Kosmetik in 2009 and graduated first place in the school in 2011.
Not yet used there, Trang Nguyen continues to apply for an international Diplom of Cosmetic industry.
Time after that, Trang Nguyen also worked with many customers, she continued to realize that the field of tattooing in Germany was not really blooming, but the demand of customers was increasing. She once again continued to study tattoo spray and eyelashes industry.

While studying and working, Trang Nguyen increasingly improves her skills and earns income to continue investing in studying. Trang Nguyen is willing to invest a large number of money to study the best and most famous people in all fields to receive knowledge.

Choosing to focus on the tattoo spray industry, Trang Nguyen not only spends time studying and improving her skills, she also participates in many national competitions to exchange, learn and achieve many high achievements in the international playground.

From here on, Trang Nguyen’s career development opportunities are constantly being raised, she is the name invited by many organizations to teach, exchange experiences, take on the role of a speaker talking about the beauty industry, spraying tattoos and hot seats in many international playgrounds …

Constantly innovating, exploring new techniques such as tattoo spray without machine, lip spray without numbness, … techniques that few artists in the world can do, Trang Nguyen has proven her talent.
Going through a long journey is not easy, but Trang Nguyen realizes the value of the field she pursues. The beauty industry not only brings joy and confidence to customers when possessing a satisfactory look, but also provides a breakthrough opportunity for those who really love it.

That is also the reason why she devoted herself to training hundreds of practitioners. Not only bring knowledge and skills to the profession but also spark a passion for beauty among their students.

Currently, Trang Nguyen is serving as the Founder and CEO of Queen Brows. In addition, she also cooperates with many centers – Professional training schools in Germany, UK, USA, Brazil, Norway, Finland, Italy and other countries in Europe.

With the passion to spread the values of the beauty industry to the community and society, Trang Nguyen has responded and joined hands with businessman Do Thu Thuy to found and build a professional beauty playground Worldwide Beauty Competition 2021.

Worldwide Beauty Competition 2021 is a world-class playground that seeks outstanding talent in the fields of tattoo spray, eyelash, nail and makeup. The program offers the opportunity to turn dreams into a professional beauty industry, illuminate hope and inspire creativity.

The competition is open to all contestants globally, giving you a unique opportunity to express yourself, enhance your professionalism and compete for a prestigious title.

Worldwide Beauty Competition 2021 upholds the highest standards, allowing you to show off your best skills in the beauty industry and your chance to become an honored world champion.

The contest affirms that beauty is an art field and beauty talents are also true artists. At the same time, the program also opens opportunities to exchange, connect and promote brands for contestants, enterprises, and business associates.

In the position of Deputy Organizing Committee of the program, Trang Nguyen will together with the organizers and the panel of experts, professional judges bring a fair, transparent program and create breakthrough opportunities for all candidates who accompany the program.