Rescuers jump into action after midnight earthquake in Indonesia

illume - Indonesia is urgently overcoming the aftermath of the 6.2 magnitude earthquake that occurred on the morning of January 15.


Currently the number of victims killed in the earthquake has reached 45 people, 820 injured. About 15,000 people were evacuated due to fear of aftershocks after the earthquake.

Indonesian rescue forces are racing against time to find people trapped in rubble following the earthquake in West Sulawesi province. The 6.2 magnitude quake and aftershocks destroyed more than 300 homes and two hotels, local officials said.

Two hospitals collapsed. However, the difficulty is that they lack heavy equipment as well as professional equipment to search and rescue faster and more efficiently. Neighboring South Sulawesi province is ready to assist those in distress in West Sulawesi province.

Rescuers jump into action after midnight earthquake in Indonesia
People in disaster areas need material as well as spiritual support (Photo: AP)

During this time, relief supplies have begun to be shipped to the affected areas. However, some earthquake survivors said they had yet to receive relief supplies as roads were badly damaged and communications were cut off.

For people in disaster areas, now they not only need food, drinking water, tents, and medicine, but also need psychological care to gradually adapt to immediate and long-term difficulties.