Sydney Fashion Week Resort 2022: Fashion’s Liberalism

The Sydney Fashion Week Resort 2022 fashion event, which took place from May 31 to June 4, brought breathtaking feelings to fans. This year's main perception for all performance is liberal but yet quite elegant vibe. All creations are highly applicable.



The highlight of Sydney Fashion Week Resort 2022 derives from unique local creations. To breathe fresh life into its designs, the designer draws on its expertise in the Australian garment sector, such as making wool from goat hair and sheep wool.

From materials to formats, Sydney Fashion Week Resort 2022 has pioneered new fashion trends, giving comfort to user. Free, but also elegant.

Sydney Fashion Week Resort 2022 is famous for its resort collections, welcoming local designers. The noticeable trend is the use of neutral colors, deep earth tones, tailor-made patterns on non-traditional materials, flat shoes, etc.

Thuy Trang, a Vietnamese model who appeared at this event, made an impression on the crowd with her catwalk talent and confident manner.

Thuy Trang’s presence at Sydney Fashion Week Resort 2022 received much praise from international audiences.

Photo by: Huy Bui