The Travel Industry in the United States of America Welcomes Pete Buttigieg as Transportation Secretary


The travel sector executives in the United States congratulate Pete Buttigieg on his confirmation as Secretary of Transportation (DOT).

“I want to express my congratulations to Pete Buttigieg on his confirmation as Secretary of the Department of Transportation,” Airlines for America President and CEO Nicholas E. Calio stated (DOT).

The Travel Industry in the United States of America Welcomes Pete Buttigieg as Transportation Secretary
The Travel Industry in the United States of America Welcomes Pete Buttigieg as Transportation Secretary

As Mayor, Secretary Buttigieg established a track record of effectively shepherding multiple difficult transportation initiatives while collaborating productively with the industry. We think that good cooperation and common understanding between government and business are vital to ensuring that air travel continues to be the world’s safest method of transportation.

As the Biden Administration works to enact comprehensive infrastructure investment, we look forward to working with Secretary Buttigieg to ensure that the safety and health of passengers and employees remain a top priority as our industry and country recover from the COVID-19 pandemic – the airline industry’s most devastating crisis to date. Additionally, we will welcome engagement with Secretary Buttigieg and the Department of Transportation’s staff to promote safety, sustainability, modernization, and the high-quality employment supported by this industry.

Airlines in the United States have long been essential to our economy and infrastructure. Now, as our nation looks forward, A4A and its member carriers are prepared to work with Secretary Buttigieg and the Biden Administration to reintroduce connectivity between American communities, families, and companies, as well as the rest of the globe.”

“The Department of Transportation will play a critical role in safely resuming domestic and international air travel, and Secretary Buttigieg’s pragmatic approach to transportation policy will ensure that we can do so while protecting public health and resuming economic growth,” said US Travel Association President and CEO Roger Dow.

As a former mayor, Buttigieg offers a priority-based approach to transportation spending, which would be beneficial given that travel and tourism have been affected considerably harder than any other business in the United States by the pandemic’s aftermath. The moment has come to prioritize investments in initiatives that will expedite the recovery, usher in the future of mobility, and guarantee the tourism sector remains internationally competitive.

Travel and tourism together lost $500 billion and 4.5 million jobs last year as travel came to a standstill, and our sector looks forward to collaborating with Buttigieg to ensure a solid recovery. We appreciate the Senate’s prompt consideration of his appointment, which enables this critical job to begin.”

“JetBlue congratulates Pete Buttigieg on his Senate confirmation as the future Secretary of the United States Department of Transportation,” JetBlue CEO Robin Hayes stated. Secretary Buttigieg brings a deep knowledge of the critical nature of infrastructure investment to the position, which we believe will include upgrading the nation’s air traffic control system, a major priority for JetBlue. Additionally, we appreciate President Biden’s urgent attention on climate change and look forward to cooperating with him on future possibilities. And, given the aviation industry’s substantial and severe hurdles throughout the pandemic recovery, we’ll also turn to the Secretary for assistance in ensuring we emerge in a position to help power the economy after the crisis is over.”