Tulsi Kashayam – An Effective Home Remedy Drink For Cold And Cough

Colds and coughs are two of the most prevalent ailments that affect individuals throughout the year. With the arrival of the monsoons, we are much more susceptible to illnesses, including colds and coughs. While there are several medicines and herbal options available for treating colds, tulsi kashayam should be your first line of defense.


What is Tulsi Kashayam?

Tulsi, commonly known as Indian basil, is a potent herb recognized for its numerous health benefits and therapeutic characteristics. It is thought to be curative and beneficial to our respiratory health. Tulsi, in general, offers numerous health and skin advantages. It has been used as an ayurvedic treatment for our general health for ages. It is a multifunctional treatment that may be used to care for our hearts, prevent skin illnesses, and preserve oral health.

Tulsi kashayam or tulsi ka kadha is a well-known home treatment for colds and coughs. It is also believed to enhance our immune system. It’s a water-based remedy that also aids in the treatment of indigestion.

Does it aid in the treatment of colds and coughs?

Given tulsi’s numerous therapeutic qualities, including antibacterial, antifungal, antipyretic, antioxidant, and antiseptic characteristics, it is an excellent alternative to current cold and cough medications. It is high in vitamin A, D, iron, and fibers and benefits our immune system tremendously by assisting our body in avoiding dangerous infections. Consuming tulsi kashayam on an empty stomach accelerates the healing process and significantly alleviates cold and cough symptoms.

How to prepare?

To prepare tulsi kashayam, you will need the ingredients below:

– Green tulsi leaves

– A cup of boiled toor dal water

– 1 tsp ghee

– ½ tsp whole pepper

– ½ tsp cumin seeds

– 1 tsp honey

Here’s what you need to do after the ingredients are ready for use:

– Beat the cumin seeds and pepper in a mortar.

– Next, heat the ghee and the spices in a pan on medium flame, without letting the spices burn.

– Add the toor dal water and bring it to a boil. Wait for the consistency to thicken slightly.

– Put the green tulsi leaves and immediately turn off the gas stove.

– Serve it hot to elders and wait for it to cool down to be served to toddlers.

What is the role of the ingredients added to the solution?

Our immunity is boosted by crushed cumin seeds and pepper. Cumin seeds are anti-inflammatory, but pepper is high in Vitamin C, a powerful antibacterial.

Honey is well-known for its ability to alleviate coughs and other upper respiratory tract infections.

Ghee is a versatile substance that may be used to treat respiratory problems as well as tiredness and skin conditions.